What Would You Like to See From the Next Fujifilm X100 Series Camera?

Fujifilm's X100 series of cameras is now in its fifth generation, and it remains one of the most beloved cameras on the market, all but guaranteeing that we will see a sixth version at some point. What would photographers like to see in the next iteration? This interesting video features a photographer discussing his thoughts on the topic. 

Coming to you from Joe Allam, this fun video discusses what photographers would like to see in the next iteration of the Fujifilm X100 series. I have never been a fan of fixed prime lens cameras, but the exception for me has always been the X100 series. I owned an X100S for several years and had the pleasure of using the X100V for a while, and they are simply a pure joy to use. As much love as the X-T series gets for providing a pure experience of the craft, the X100 series seems to take it to another level. And in the last two iterations, the company has significantly increased its capabilities, particularly its autofocus, taking it from a quirky and fun camera with great image quality to a serious powerhouse device. Hopefully, in the sixth iteration, we'll see the new 40-megapixel sensor found in the X-T5.

Check out the video above for the full rundown from Allam.

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Alex Cooke is a Cleveland-based portrait, events, and landscape photographer. He holds an M.S. in Applied Mathematics and a doctorate in Music Composition. He is also an avid equestrian.

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I personally don't need or want 40mpx files from a camera I'm not using for work. With my X100 cameras, I want to get away from the admin and weight of my professional work. I'd much rather have the 20mpx stacked sensor from the h2s for faster readout and autofocus performance.

Yep, even using a Sony camera, I don't like the constant sensor 'upgrades' to higher and higher megapixels. 24mp is more than enough for me. Leica recently released the M11 Monochrom with it's 60.3mp sensor but the high detail and sharpness of the photo's just doesn't look the same as street photography shot on an old film camera. You could say the camera is too perfect.

Please make the X100VI uglier so tiktokkers don't want to wear it as a fashion accessory.

Perhaps if they make too many of them, tiktokers will sell their old ones and the used market prices will fall back to sensible levels again.

The Fujifilm X100 series is never in stock, so I lost interest in them.

Fuji just has to change one very minor thing of the current X100V: Make it available!

I just wonder what the naming convention will be. So far S for second, T for third, F for fourth, V for fifth. Perhaps they'll stick with the roman numeral and call in the X100VI.

That was an easy one. Add image stabilisation.

Because of the fixed prime lens, 40 MP would certainly help for cropping. But then an image stabilisation must be included. I personally would love to have a version with a 35mm lens (50mm in FF).

As an improvement, the people working on the X100 series cameras, should try reverse engineering the X-T5 to figure out how they made the lenses interchangable and implement the same X mount for interchangeable lenses on the X100 series, thus if users get tired of the 23mm lens, they can swap it for a different focal length.

Aside from that, having a range of video improvements including 4:2:2 10 bit internal recording with a decent Log profile, as well as raw video output via HDMI.

How would that be different from the X-Pro line?

It would have a properly sized LCD display on the back, which will be more useful for video capture.

You are effectively describing the X-T5 but for less money. Fujifilm would never implement those features into their fixed lens 'Premium Compact' camera and cannibalise their premium interchangeable lens camera lines.

Not sure if any of these have been resolved with the X100V, I have an X100F, but I understand many of these still apply:

Strictly from a Street Photography perspective:

A huge one for me would be some way to manually set the focus distance visual without having to look at the screen. Their autofocus was never cut out for busy street scenes and making it easier to pre-focus without physically bringing up the camera would be huge.

Would also love a function like focus bracketing where the camera could slightly change the focus distance within a range for a burst series.

The 40MP sensor makes the most sense to me. That allows for more cropping in post and some form of digital IS that would both fit within the current form factor.

Much larger image buffer if we’re sticking with SD cards as the only storage option.

Sounds like you'd be better off with an X-T5 and manual lens (Voigtlander or many cheap Chinese brands) that will have focus distance markings.

This dude nails the rationale for the successor's naming scheme!

Internal 1 tb storage

I do wish more camera's had a small amount of internal storage as a "get out of jail free card" for those times you accidentally forget to put an SD card in the camera. Even if it's only enough for 25 or so images (like a roll of film). I had a Sony Cyber-Shot years ago with a modicum of internal storage that proved useful once or twice.

Simpler. Not over 24MP. I hate that every sensor just HAS to be mega high resolution. Leave that for the cameras that are typically money makers. My hard drives are getting filled with D800e and GFX100s files. i don't want my walk around camera soaking up more hard drive space. Stacked BSI sensor would be nice. Zero video. Better battery (That's a wish for all cameras honestly). $1000 or less( a pipe dream I know). adequate stock. Fully articulating rear screen (ala canon). I could make a full list of how I'd want the camera built but these are the most important things to me.

OH and wireless image transfer of at least jpegs that is ACTUALLY consistently reliable.

18mm? No!
EVF Only? Heavens to Betsy, NO!
23mm with the OVF are what make the X100 so special!!! Those are its' very essence.
Please, Fuji, buy him diner and consider the rest, but don't listen to those two awful ideas.

Image stabilization.

Very much in line with this proposal: 40MP, forget OVF (it is actually very fragile & it broke on mine) & higher resolution EVF. I really would not want a 35mm. With 40MP, we could have an 18mm & 3 crop factors like on the Leica Q's.

40mm. Everything else is great.

"But it's already not wide enough at 35mm!"

Exactly, so why not lean in and just make it 40mm?

"Why not just crop it to 40mm?"

It's not the same.

Personally, I would like it to be a photographer's camera. I don't care about video. This may also drop the price a bit.
1. I would not mind a 40-60MP sensor for this reason: the thing I'd like most is 65:24 aspect ratio selection. If you do that with a FF sensor, you'll need the MP in order to have the quality for the crop. You could have several crop as well for those who want the formats. 4:3, 16:9, 1:1, 65:25, FF. I feel that if you can make a Digital Fuji TX-1... you'll sell out the first month.
2. Custom settings that will save Every. Single. Setting. For instance: C1 I may set as 65:24 in full resolution with a Fuji Slide film simulation. High sharpness, moderate contrast. C2 may be for street photography with phase autofocus, center weighted metering with FF setting at a 24 MP resolution, Fuji 800 film simulation. C3 is for landscapes FF full 60MP resolution. You get the idea.
3. Weather sealed.
4. Light weight yet sturdy.
5. Dual card slots.
6. Wi-Fi connectivity.

And I'll say it because... Why not... Worst I can get told is "no".... I'd like the chance to test it out for free.