Which Canon Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera Is Next?

Which Canon Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera Is Next?

Over the past few days several rumor sites have been flushed with inklings of a new Canon mirrorless body being announced in as little as two weeks with the fanfare building before CP+. Each of these leading sites have had conflicting information so which one should we hope to be listening to?

Canon Rumors and CanonWatch are both rumor-centric websites that are offering conflicting information for these possible new releases. Both have wins and losses in their previous leaks, but what’s interesting between each is the possibility of a new full-frame mirrorless camera from Canon only days away with vastly different specifications depending on which site you follow. 

At the higher level specification leak is CanonWatch describing a new Canon RF mount release being relayed from a “very good source” as a higher megapixel professional level body or possible lens announcements arriving around February 14, 2019. With several posts linking to a Nokishita post presuming three color schemes for a possible battery grip. These rumors have eventually been acknowledged that these could simply be color designations for a new Canon camera bag. 

Canon Rumors on the other hand has lauded the idea of a more consumer-level mirrorless camera below in specifications to the current Canon EOS R as the next release for use with Canon’s RF lineup of lenses. Within six weeks of Canon’s EOS R announcement, Canon Rumors was describing a new rumor of two new full-frame mirrorless releases for 2019 with the lower specification camera coming initially and a “professional”-level body following later in the year. Canon Rumors initially stated the exact opposite two weeks before that previous rumor so they've had conflicting reports among their own sources, but have stayed with the lower specification camera coming first through the latter end of 2018 into 2019. 

So which rumor site should you believe? Personally, I would look at what you currently have in your kit and see if you’re maximizing the abilities of that gear before hoping your dream camera will be released. It seems we are never completely happy with a release, or lack there of, and hoping beyond hope for such a piece of kit only lowers your output as a creative. Relying on the gear before relying on our own ability and determination doesn’t make us a better creative and it will only slow our growth as photographers.

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Robert Nurse's picture

Frankly, I really don't care what comes out next. As long as Canon wows me in certain areas:

- Dynamic range
- fps rate
- number of focusing points

Ryan Mense's picture

Almost exactly my preferences. Hand in hand with the fps rate is having deep buffer and one that clears quickly. And having the AF area damn near the entire frame like the a9.

Andrew Morse's picture

Both Canon Watch and Canon Rumors are now predicting a 26MP model called the RP which slots in below the R, so I'm not sure we need to guess who is right (unless it's neither!). Both are getting that info from Nokishita who have posted images of the camera.

Jan Kruize's picture

Is this great news? One more canon mirrorless? Better read this. Bowens is back. https://www.dpreview.com/news/0734854011/bowens-is-back-in-business-afte...