Will the Canon EOS R5 Soon Shoot 400-Megapixel Images?

Will the Canon EOS R5 Soon Shoot 400-Megapixel Images?

Recently, news broke that Canon is likely planning a significant firmware for the EOS R5 later this year, including a high-resolution pixel-shift mode. Now, it appears that mode may offer a whopping 400 megapixels of resolution. 

The Canon EOS R5 has been quite popular the last few years for offering a range of advanced features and capabilities, and it looks like those capabilities may be increasing soon. Recently, a cached Canon EU page emerged that shows a new "IBIS High Resolution" mode that offers 400-megapixel images by combining nine individual frames, resulting in 24,576 by 16,384 files. 

Pixel-shift modes work by leveraging in-body image stabilization to shift the sensor by small amounts to increase resolution. It is not clear yet if such a mode will include features for motion compensation, which some manufacturers have started to implement to make such modes more capable. While these modes are fantastic for static subjects like architecture or archival photography, they can be tricky to use for something like landscape photography, where the slightest bit of wind can make the results difficult to work with. Regardless, 400-megapixel images would certainly be a nice selling point for the camera and a significant upgrade for current users. 

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Other than the Hasselblad with six shot pixel shift none of the other pixel shift cameras work with strobe, only available light. Being able to pixel shift with strobe seems to be the entire point to begin with. Photographing flat or three dimensional art works or documents or products is why pixel shift was invented. Of course Hasselblad says the only strobes stable enough to give six pops with absolutely consistent power output are the Broncolor strobes. You had better start planning the bank robbery now if you want to get them.

Pixel shift on these types of cameras might be fun to play around with and if it was on the new R5 I would definitely try to come up with a use for it, considering that LED lighting is getting better, but if it's going to add more than just a little to the expense of the new R5 I say Canon should skip it.

The rumor being discussed in the article is that it will be included with the next firmware upgrade, if so it will be free for existing R5 owners and no added expense for new buyers. It's a software only upgrade that allows the existing IBIS system to shift in a deliberate fashion to provide the extra pixels, rather than shifting to compensate for unintentional camera shake or subject movement.

Staven Barall. Hasselblad/Broncolor marketing bull shit.
Sony a1 does pixelshift no problem with strobe. It can even be set to shoot pixelshift strobe automatically with the shooting speed set to accomodate the strobe recycle speed.
Nothing special aboutBroncolor strobe stability either. Absolutely no provenendo shooting pixel shift with Elinchrom ELB 500 as well as The as3000 and AS6000 packs.

Olympus works with strobes at 1/60th or below, and like Hasselblad it bakes that RAW file in camera.

400 megapixels. Why?

I actually wonder if a 400mp file would crash the image-processing software. Hopefully DxO and Lightroom don't have any hardcoded limits in their code.

My thoughts exactly, but probably the same reason why people want to shoot in 8K and 12K.

Moire when shooting apparel laydowns in the studio, or when you're shooting architecture and you have textiles, drapes, or screens that create moire.

Since this only works with the camera and subject still, surely image stitching is an alternative.

Yeah, I rather canon focus on reducing noise, increasing the battery life, increase the buffer speed, increase the dynamic range than this,

They will save those enhancements for the Mark 2 version as those are easy selling points to get people to buy the new version.

I’m sure they’re putting significant resources to all of those things, too.

Nikon needs to get on this ASAP on the Z9. Honestly surprised they never did it. The way Hasselblad and Olympus do it are best. Works with strobes, and bakes the RAW file in-camera so you don't have to mess with BS software like Sony and Fuji shooters do.

400mp would destroy my computer. :( , my current one can bearly handle the 40mp from the X-T5 i have.