Will We See Another Major Canon Camera This Year?

Will We See Another Major Canon Camera This Year?

Most gear enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Canon EOS R1 and EOS R5 Mark II, and while those will certainly be some of the most important cameras to come along in a while, Canon might have another crucial camera waiting in the wings. 

Canon Rumors is reporting that Canon may be readying the EOS R7 Mark II, the follow-up to the ever-popular EOS R7. While this would be a slightly aggressive timeline for the company, the model's popularity and Canon's advancements in sensor technology in the last few years would certainly justify a new release. The 7D series and the R7 have long been tremendously popular among advanced amateurs and pros, as they offer a lot of the features of the upstream 1 and 5 series cameras, like powerful autofocus and fast burst rates, at much lower prices. As such, they have often been a great choice for advanced hobbyists who don't want to splash out for top-level bodies or for professionals who want extra reach out of their lenses instead of having to purchase another five-figure supertelephoto option. No doubt, the EOS R7 Mark II will be another popular option, and with the company's recent advances in sensor technology, I suspect it'll show a nice improvement in image quality Hopefully, we'll hear more soon! 

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Perhaps the biggest novelty for Canon would be that other manufacturers could make lenses for the RF mount.
Probably the best lenses will still be Canon, just as the best ones for Sony are from Sony, but at least that way you could choose.

I'd most like to see an aps-c camera with IBIS that is actually the size of an aps-c camera. Give us the RF mount version of the EOS M6II, Canon. Small, flip up screen, stabilisation. I don't want to haul a sports and wildlife focused R7 tank around as a B cam, because they didn't put stabilisation into the R50.

That or a G7XIV and put DPAF into it. 🙏

We shot 50 years professionally with cameras (and lenses) without IS so I think you'll be all good with R50 (or R10) and IS in the lens as a B cam.

The lenses I want to use don't necessarily have IS, and I'd like to not have to use a tripod and be able to shoot 1/4 of a second or slower, also avoid micro jitters in video clips.

Small package with IBIS means I don't need fast lenses or big lenses, and I don't need a tripod. I don't like hauling gear is my main concern. 🤷‍♂️