Will We See the Canon EOS R5 Mark II This Year?

Will We See the Canon EOS R5 Mark II This Year?

Few cameras in recent years have caused as much of a stir as the EOS R5, which brought features like a high-megapixel sensor and 8K raw video, instantly showing the world that Canon was extremely serious about the mirrorless realm. The EOS R5 has been a highly popular camera, but now that it has been 2.5 years since its release, it is about time to start thinking about the second version of the camera, which we may see before the EOS R1. 

Canon Rumors is reporting that the Canon EOS R5 Mark II, the follow-up to the exceedingly popular EOS R5, may come to the market before the EOS R1. In all likelihood, the EOS R1 will make its first appearance at the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, France, which would mean we could see the EOS R5 Mark II sometime before the middle of next year if the rumors are true. Given that the original EOS R5 was released in mid-2020, this would not surprise me. Canon traditionally updated the 5D line about every four years, but given the faster evolution of mirrorless technology and some rather impressive competitors from the likes of Sony and Nikon, I imagine Canon wants to be a bit more aggressive in their update timelines, which would match their overall philosophy in the mirrorless space. Hopefully, we will hear more soon! 

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there is no real competitor. so why release new one!.. they will milk it as much as they can..

I am surprised that an article discussing an updated model doesn't address any specific features that will differentiate it from the current version. This type of specific speculation is what I am interested in reading about.

Agreed, I'd like to know what one might want from the Mark II that is different than the original (or if in to video the R5c). For what I shoot, the R5 has been wonderful and aside from longer battery life, there isn't really anything different I would need

There are a few things I would like added to current R5 if possible via firmware. I would be willing to pay for a firmware update with the following:
Pre buffer of 0.5 seconds for video.
Pre buffer of 0.5 seconds for photos.
Camera determines aperture, how many photos and focus for a focus stack after user indicates the starting and end points.
Variable selectable FPS with the electronic shutter.
Shortcut that creates JPEG from a RAW in memory and sends it to a linked phone with a single button press while on preview.

I would much rather see the R5 released after the R1. This would make it more likely to get new features that trickled down from the R1. The Mark II version of the R6 is more of a dot release (to use software nomenclature). I'd like to see something more significant for the R5 II—quad pixel AF, for example, that could detect contrast in all directions.

I like my R5 but it seems to be a lot more "buggier" than my R6 or most other cameras. A lot of times shooting bursts will cause it to lock up and I need to do a battery pull to recover the camera, losing the last few frames in the process. Also definitely get that overheating, but not just from video, also from excessive Wi-Fi use on the camera. Anyone else have these issues with the OG R5?