Yet Another Outrageous Deal: Rebel T3i Kit With Two Lenses, Printer, And More For $599

Yet Another Outrageous Deal: Rebel T3i Kit With Two Lenses, Printer, And More For $599

B&H strikes again! This time it's a Rebel T3i, 18-55mm IS, 55-250mm IS, PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II printer, 16gb Sandisk Extreme SD card, shoulder bag, and glossy paper pack. All of that for $599 after a mail in rebate, which is just an amazing deal. If you're a new enthusiast, looking to pick up a gift for a loved one, or looking for a backup option that will create high-quality images for a great price, you need to look no further. Click here to see the deal on the B&H website.

While this is currently on backorder, B&H has told us that the package will be ready to ship within days and you will not be billed until shipment. The deal is good through December 31st, 2012.

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How about just the camera minus the other stuff for 299$

That is an awesome printer - tho it is always getting included with deals. I guess you only have to buy a few ink cartridges before Canon makes their money back!

 Seriously, how many inks - 8? One of them is invariably always running out.

why only americans get such deals?
in europe there is hardly any cashback action.... not to mention such bundle deals.

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 the cashback deals , are actually a hook to get people to buy.
They rely on lazyness of a majority of buyers to not apply for the cashback.
(Either people, not sending in the rebate form on time, not correctly following the rules for the rebate and having the rebate request denied, or just saying screw it and not applying for rebate at all, etc etc. That's why they are not INSTANT rebates applied when actually purchasing the items.  More people that go for this deal, will not receive/apply for the rebate, than actually will.)

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B&H shoudl be paying us to clear out that inventry of 3 year old cameras

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The Guiness Book of World Records said that is the most popular printer on Craig's List. It is funny when people try to sell them for $400.

Your hyperlink is missing a colon

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The links do not work any more, even when I add the missing colon to the first link. Any word on if they are going to continue the deal through the end of the year?