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Plants (photo series)

These images are part o what will be my first photo series of work. I'm still in the development stages and would greatly appreciate any outside feedback that my help me to better adjust what I have done thus far.
Thanks to anyone willing to lend their advise.

Face of an Angel

This photo was taken in my home town, near my home I was looking for birds, suddenly i show 4 years old child playing, and he want to play with me. He was looking through broken wall, that very moment I show him I feel that an Angel watching me, and immediately I took my Camera to capture the moment. It was really a beautiful moment I ever had...

Canon EOS R with MiniTTi

I recently purchased the Canon EOS R and started shooting in my studio. The only way I can get the mini TTi to work with my EOS R is to first put it on my old Canon 6D. I start with the Mini TTI on my 6D and Take the two shots to calibrate it and then place it on the EOS R and it works just fine. Is there a update for the MiniTTi? Or is there a...

5D iv

Is it possible to have continuous AF when using back focus and the viewfinder? I can do it on my 7d ii, but can't seen to get it to work on my 5D iv although will work if using the shutter button.

5d mk IV AEB and Auto Focus off on subsequent shots.

I shoot real estate use AEB for my HDR bracketed shots. I Auto Focus then switch the lens to Manual Focus, to avoid the camera refocusing between shoots. Shoot the brackets shots, then set the MF back to AF and set up the next shop. I've tried using the AF-ON ok for the first shot, but the subsequent shots the camera wants to refocus. Any work...

Magenta cast on canon 5d mark iv

I got my canon 5d mark iv, upgraded from mark iii a week ago, shot today and noticed a strong magenta cast on all my pictures, im shooting raw, I thought it was the overcast weather but then tried it with studio lights and the magenta cast is very strong, I compared pics with my 5d mark iii same settings and the difference is notorious, magenta...

High ISO with Flash

I have just bought a Canon 77D and it's first use was at an daytime, indoors children's birthday party.
The camera was initially set on Auto as I hadn't had an opportunity to become familiar with it. In general the photos looked a little overexposed and I was surprised to find the camera had chosen ISO of around 3200 even though flash was...

FOR SALE: Canon TS-E 45mm f/2.8

I bought this lens as part of my portraiture business, when I was into a lot of experimental, non-traditional looks. As I am no longer shooting portraits as much, I simply do not need this lens any longer and need to downsize my kit.

EX+ condition, perfect glass, no finish loss, some normal wear on the rubber ring. Includes caps, hood,...

Canon 5D repair shop in SF Bay Area?

The mirror on my trusty ole 5D recently fell off and I am looking for a reputable repair shop in the SF Bay Area, preferably in the Oakland/SF area to fix. Other than the mirror, the camera is tip top.

Please let me know asap. Thanks!

Loose zooms

I am happy with most of my Canon equipment, but I have one complaint about their zoom lenses. The zoom action is too loose: if I have the camera on a tripod pointing down, e.g., to shoot a dinner plate, the lens falls to its fullest extension. There are easy fixes, such as chewing gum, but none seems to combine the convenience of slight...

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 - Selling Photos

Hey guys,

I recently went into a store that I have been going to for years and they donated to me the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 printer. I noticed that the ink to replace inside the printer is around $700. The printer does up to 17"x22" prints.

I need to sell some photos to pay for the upcoming ink cost, but I don't know what to...

Another 6D, or the 5D MK III?

So here's my problem. I already have a 6D, and mostly shoot slow moving wildlife, like bears, deer, elk, moose, and bison. My lenses range from the stealthy 200 2.8 (with a 2x) to the 100-400, Sigma 150-600, and now the Sigma 300-800 5.6 beast. I'm not a fan of swapping lenses in the field, and need a 2nd full frame camera. I can't decide...

Selling/Trading Canon IS USM 24-105 L f/4

Hey everyone,

Thought I'd post in here as well as the for sale group. Looking to sell or trade my canon L 24-105mm for around $500 OBO. It is in great condition and works perfectly, but I've found that Id like something a little wider on my 7D. I've been looking for something like the Canon 17-40 or a Rokinon wide angle possibly. If you...

Buy 5D Mark IV and 24-105 f/4 II in kit?

Canon is selling the new 5D Mark IV in a kit with the new 24-105 f/4 IS II lens. Since the body and the lens can be purchased separately for the same price as the kit, is there any advantage in buying the kit? I'm leaning toward buying the body and lens separately so I can sell each component separately at a future date, and provide a box as...

Every 2nd Fire ... Only & Always???

Hey people! I'm looking for a little help, please.

The gear: Canon EOS Rebel T5 | EF 28-135mm f3.5-5.6 | Yongnuo YN568EX II speedlite | Yongnuo YN622C-TX trigger | Yongnuo YN622C receiver

Problem 1: For some reason, it will only fire every 2nd time I hit the shutter button. I wait for it to regen and I get the beep for full &...