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Sunny winter

As i begin to walk the path of portrait photography I really need some feedback which is really hard to find beside some "nice" "not bad" comments.
this shot was taken last sturday with a sweet actress and i was trying to get natural light with a fill of a speed light.
i would really love to have some feedback on it...

Brand new just introducing myself

im a photographer/dancer from las vegas i primary work with dancers and performers given them updated promo material here in vegas , i also do a lot of live events here as well, but just wanted to share some work , i have to say the work on this site is super high level, but its inspiring to see what i can continue building towards...


Travel portrait using natural light. This shot was capture while we were filming a documentry so it was not planned. Please feel free to comment and give constructive criticism.

Flower girl

Hi this is my first post here, this is an old picture I took a while ago.
We shot it in a park, the light you see is the sun coming through the trees.


My very first post... just joined the fstoppers community! I LOVE dramatic lighting, and I'm always looking for inspiration and ways to improve.

This image is a personal favorite from a recent high school senior session. Two strip lights, main with grid, smaller strip as kicker. Background is white vinyl because it's wider than my gray...


From a session with a band.
that's the rapper.
3 light setup -
1 elinchrom 120 cm lightmotiv and 2 strip lights in the back

Woman with hook

The sad thing about these pictures is that all the ignorant, in a street very .... very busy and was making up her daughter for Halloween, so call the photografic serie "Taboo, the art of making art" and portrayed those who did street theater

Monalisa smile

hi every one, im Ahmed from Sudan..this is my first post....Please let me know what you think ?
120 cm octabox camera left and a softbox as a rim light.. a pair of yn 560 iii were used with rf 602 youngno trigger , 70-200 at f/3.2 nikon 600

Feedback for an amateur?

Be gentle! I'm new to this lighting thing. :)

While playing around with a lighting setup in my basement I decided to get a bit more dramatic with the lights and ended up with this. Well...ended up with this after some editing, but you know what I mean. I think it turned out pretty good but I have no idea what others really think. Any...

Can I get opinions on my portrait?


My name is Kai Perkins and I am a 17 year old photographer from Las Vegas, Nevada. I have been shooting photography for 4 years now and have won various competitions, both locally and nationally. I was wondering if I could get some opinions on this portrait I did? I just recently transitioned into doing portraits because it is...