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craig dreghorn's picture

First attempt

Any comments welcome

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AJ F's picture

Love the feel, the model and position. I think it could use more exposure, maybe biased toward her more.
Great shot!

Jon Miller's picture

I feel the scene has too much going on that distracts from the image such as the towel in the light in the doorway, remember the eye will follow a lighter object or certain colours such as red or yellow more than anything else. Too much shadow on the left side a fill reflector would have been good to lighten that area.

Dick Carl's picture

What's the main subject the door or the model? Just say'n

Bobby Griffin's picture

Personally one of my favorites in this group. The colors are fantastic, and the pose is very unique. I can see how the composition is a little distracting. Maybe taking away the floor mat and taking way the clothes in the hamper? I love it though...extremely creative.

craig dreghorn's picture

Thanks for all the comments.....The title was going to be "working girl at rest" because that is what she is. I wanted it to look as real to life as possible. I now realise about the distractions.

Dan Younger's picture

like the flavor of the photograph. too much extraneous details. like the shadow of the plant. If you cropped tight from right hand to left hand you would have an interesting shot. as is it is hard to see the significance of photo. Great lighting. good work.

Kristopher Dobbins's picture

This is a gorgeous photo I agree with the others with the little distracting elements.