Looking for Critique

Howdy, I'm a South Texas photographer and I recently found my self in San Antonio. During the visit I ran into a folklorico performance and captured some images. I'm looking for critiques on this photo, it was my favorite from the set. I might upload more. Thanks in advance!

Doha, Qatar

Hello, I'm Anthony, a landscape and travel photographer currently based in Qatar. You can view my photos at: www.500px.com/anthonyromblon


I originally intended to capture this scene with the sun rising at the background. Apparently, when I was framing my...

Huatulco, Oaxaca

Here's a shot I took while traveling to one of the many incredibly beautiful bays in Huatulco, Oaxaca. I had the chance to prove that best thing to do is wake up really early in the morning to capture great images.

Greetings from Mexico!

Trying to get discovered

I'm a professional photographer from far western NY. I've managed to take advantage of my trips to New York City to get some pretty good shots. But my main business is real estate photography. I'm still trying to get discovered in the travel and architectural fields. I'd appreciate any feedback or suggestions on how to get noticed :)



Hi i'm Antonio from Italy. This summer i've tried to shoot something i didn't do and this is my picture. (I just postel link on my flickr becouse i can't upload image directly to the post).
Have a nice day:

London Bridge



CC on NZ Shots?

Hi guys, looking for some feedback on the attached shots; recently moved to new Zealand, and probably a lot more of these coastal shots coming up! Great location here in Wellington, NZ. Thanks for any comments.

NYC - best photography travel location?

I've only been to NYC twice, but think its a great (the best?) city for photography. Some recent shots from a trip earlier this year, just off Times Square - hoping to get back to live there for a while! Comments, or feedback on these welcome. Cheers.

Jim Lake, Alabamastan

New to the group. I've visited 18 foreign countries and 35 States (not including the ones I've just driven through) and Washington, D.C. My interest in photography started when I went on active duty in the US Air Force in 1978 to document the places I would visit. Some 30+ years later, I'm still at it. I think I've got better, but who knows...

Where have you traveled? Share your favorite photo destinations!

I've been all around the world—traveled through 47 US states, lived in Europe and Africa—but my favorite place to photograph is the Southwest USA. I love shooting in the desert, love all the colors and textures, the weird rock formations and harsh conditions. (Think: Death Valley in the summertime)

Here's a shot from the iconic Antelope...

Historical train trip

im Rui Bandeira and i´m from Portugal.
this images were made during a trip in the Historical Train, that folows the Douro river, were the famous Ports Wine is made.


Fetching image ...


Tolo, Greece

Hello Everyone,

Wanted to take a brief moment to introduce myself and share and image from my travels. Firstly, I absolutely love to travel and take photos of the places I visit. This image was taken one evening while having dinner in Tolo, Greece. I glanced over the balcony railing and noticed this woman in the surf reading a book. Was...

What inspires you?

For travel photography, National Geographic is the ultimate inspiration :-)


What inspires your travel photography?

Traveling to Washington DC, tips?

I am traveling to DC to shoot the entire day just travel photography. Part of that travel I generally visit the local zoo as well into my plans, don't know how much that will take but depending how many other spots I can fill my schedule of shooting I'll be jumping around town for great scenes to shoot. Anyone recommend some great spots?

My introduction

Hello fellow travel enthusiasts. I'm John Grubb from Calgary, Canada. I have been an avid traveler since 2000 when my girlfriend (now wife) Loretta and I went down to Los Cabos, Mexico. I've always been interested in photography but it wasn't until 2011 that I became very serious about it. Now I combine my 2 passions together and just recently...