Playing One of the Most Famous Computer Games of the 90s on a Camera

Doom is considered to be one of the most breakthrough and important computer games of all time, and its legacy has endured well into the 21st century. Just for fun, someone decided to see if it could run on a digital camera from 1998, and it turns out, not only can it run on it, you can actually play it!

Coming to you from Lazy Game Reviews, this fun video shows how you can install and play Doom on a digital camera from 1998. The original version of Doom required a processor with a minimum speed of 66 MHz, at least 8 MB of RAM, and at least 40 MB of space. Enter the Kodak DC260. This digital camera came out in 1998 and cost $1,000 at the time. It came equipped with a 1.6-megapixel CCD sensor, 3x optical zoom, and more importantly, a 66 MHz processor paired with 8 MB of RAM. Even more importantly, it had the rather unique capability to sideload apps. While the purpose of this was to allow developers to expand the capabilities of the camera, it also means you can do things like install games on it. Since the camera also has composite video output, you can even hook it up to a television to play on a larger screen. I always enjoy seeing how people can tweak and push technology into new realms, and this was a neat throwback to my childhood. Check out the video above to see it in action! 

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Jordan McChesney's picture

“One of the most breakthrough”... that’s not how that word works. Sorry, I don’t usually call these out, but I couldn’t help myself, haha.

DOOM on a camera is pretty neat, but it handles like a 3 legged mule. It reminds me of when I saw it on an old flip phone. I think I’ll stick to Zdoom.

Simon Patterson's picture

Actually the article says "Doom is considered to be one of the most breakthrough and important computer games of all time...". It *is* considered one of the most breakthrough computer games of all time!

Jordan McChesney's picture

Sorry, I'm not entirely sure what you're getting at. My remark was concerning the use of "breakthrough", a noun, as an adjective. Thus, it should read "Doom is considered to be one of the biggest breakthroughs in gaming, and is one of the most important games ever made", or something like that.
I wasn't questioning how amazing DOOM is. I played it nonstop when it came out back in the 90s, and I still play on occasion it to this very day. Just talking about makes me want to boot it up, haha.

Jordan McChesney's picture

Ah, that seems to be a bit of an oversimplification, for the purpose of making it easier to understand for the general public. "Breakthrough" is often used as attributive noun, which is when a noun acts like an adjective, but isn't granted the same level of flexibility. For example, they're typically used immediately before the noun they are altering. In the example they've given, that appears to be the case. You can often identify this by simply adding a word like "very" in front of it, and seeing it still sounds natural or like that "Doge" meme. It works with most sentences. For example, "it was developed with new technology", and now "it was developed with very new technology", both of these work. Unfortunately, "It was engineered with very breakthrough technology" doesn't meet that requirement, so it better suits the classification of an attributive noun, thus you typically can't add "most" in front of it... Well, I mean, legally you can, but you shouldn't. Alternatively, if you try to fit it into the simple phrase commonly associated with adjectives, "It/I was (adj)", it also doesn't work. Another notable example of a commonly used attributive noun would be the "business" in "business ethics"

With all due respect to Dictionary(dot)com, they tend to oversimplify a language that is anything but simple. I'm a Merriam Webster man, myself, haha. All of this being said, it’s possible I’ve missed something and could be wrong, I’m only human.

Also, I wasn't attacking you or anything, I was just having a little fun, I'm just an English teacher who has too much time on his hands after his daughter goes to bed :)

Sorry for making you read this absolutely thrilling wall of text, and yes, I am fun at parties haha.

Alex Cooke's picture

No need to apologize, I always love learning! Thank you for the insight! :)

Dan Grayum's picture

I use to love DOOM, Quake and Duke Nukem.

Patrick Rosenbalm's picture

The Minolta Dimage 1500 series (late 1998) also used the Digita OS. I believe you could play Doom and Tetris on them too. The OS also let you write scripts that allowed you to input manual settings on what was normally a Program mode camera. Plus they had an upgrade path with interchangeable lens/sensor modules, dedicated flash and remote lens/sensor module tethering option via a cable. This is why I bought a couple of them but unfortunately Minolta abandoned what looked to be a promising and up-gradable system.

C Fisher's picture

LGR is the best

I used to play Doom. It seemed to be fun several years ago. But so many games have released since that time, and my interests changed. Now I don't play much. In most cases I just play slots at sandscasino or World of Tanks, these games help me to relax and recharge.