Three Tips for Achieving Smooth Handheld Cinematic Shots

Videography can be a tricky area to traverse with a constant push and pull between expensive equipment and cheap alternatives. This video gives you three tips on how you can create smooth and cinematic shots, but without using a gimbal or slider.

Sidney Diongzon is a growing YouTuber and videographer who has a channel dedicated to the art of filmmaking. It's no secret that there are multiple of these types of content creators out there, but was I particularly like about Diongzon's work is that you're right at the beginning of his journey. He offers advice on gear and even creating YouTube studios for your own channels, but this video on smooth handheld cinematic shots really caught my attention.

I'm primarily a photographer, but I've always had interest in videography. As any professional photographer will tell you, sooner or later you'll get asked if you do video, or if you could do it. I've been asked three times in the last month and it's an area I'm exploring. I'm not one of those photographers (most professionals can't be) that gets all the gear and then attempts to secure work with it. I'm not forking out on a gimbal or a slider until I can't live without one or it will noticeably increase the quality of my work. That stage hasn't happened yet and so videos outlining alternatives are very useful to me.

What's your best tip for videographers just starting out?

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"What's your best tip for videographers just starting out?"

– Get a tripod, a Gimbal (or Easy Rig) and focus pulling accessories.