North Carolina Governor Declares October Photography Month

For the first announcement of its kind in the United States, Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina has declared October 2017 to be Photography Month. For those photographers who live in and are traveling to North Carolina during October, they will have even more reason to bring their cameras and take advantage of the festivals and photo-centric events while they are there.

In the proclamation, the Governor states that "the month of October features many fairs and festivals throughout North Carolina that celebrate the photographic artists and craftspeople of our state […] The State of North Carolina recognizes those photographers who capture diverse communities and landscapes, celebrating and contributing to the dynamic cultural environment of our state.”

The Click! Photography Festival is one of the more unique opportunities to check out and engage during Photography Month in North Carolina. In its sixth year, the festival is a month-long engagement of photography in the triangle area encompassing the cities of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. Each of these cities will have its own unique events including photo walks and photography exhibitions during the month.

The Click! Photography Festival also has a more concentrated program this year from October 4-8 called Click! 120 with additional keynotes in each of the cities. With an incredible amount of unique ideas and photography being presented in North Carolina, it may be a great time to take a trip to Raleigh, Durham, or Chapel Hill.

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Elan Govan's picture

Excellent, great news from North Carolina.

Will Thomas's picture

Sweet! Western North Carolina is the place to be in October in North Carolina.

Elan Govan's picture

Well said sir. May it continue long after this event