Quentin Tarantino Gives a Glimpse of How He Writes His Stories

He doesn't always know how the second half of the movie will go. He needs to be inspired enough to actually start writing, and if you've seen Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs, the dialogues of his characters are gripping right through. 

What I noticed is the way he positioned himself at the very start. A Writer / Director is not very common, but it's how he positioned himself. He had this idea for a story, wrote it with all the scenes and dialogue, a beginning and ending and the shot-list he wanted to use to portray the story in the best way possible. 

Another important aspect of this video is how Quentin Tarantino goes about the process. We know he references a lot from other movies. The Kill Bill bodysuit that Uma Thurman wears is referenced from Bruce Lee's outfit in Game of Death. But, he doesn't have various ideas that he puts together with regards to the story he's telling. He needs to have the whole idea as one single concept, and uses that to direct the story he wants to tell. 

With writing his dialogue, one of the factors that makes his films truly unique. He makes it clear that it's almost compulsory for the actors to use his dialogue and not stray from it. So it seems as if he is very specific of what he wants to show the viewer. 

A Summary of What I've Learnt

  • Position yourself well. When someone asks you what you do, be specific. Obviously that can change with time, but know how you want to be known. 
  • When you are inspired, think about it, do whatever you have to to get it down on paper and refine it. Actually envision how the story takes place and mentally see the characters in your mind, sitting at the coffee shop or driving around in a car. You can even be at the table with them like he did in Reservoir Dogs. He created a character for himself and imagined what this person would talk about and be like in various scenarios. 
  • Watch what others have done and if there is something you like about it, use it. If the color combinations, techniques of writing or producing or retouching or composition inspires you, use it in your own way. 
  • Be specific in what you want. Just like he doesn't give the actors a lot of freedom with regards to the story or the dialogue, when you shoot, listen to your talent, but know what you want before-hand, and aim to get those shots first. 

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