Check Out This Affordable Ring Light For Video Or Stills

In the past a ring light/flash was a piece of gear that few photographers could actually afford. Today there are a few cheaper options including the Diva Ring Light that can be found on eBay. In the video below Olivia Tech does a quick review of the $200 unit. Now you may still be thinking that is a little steep but when you look at similar products, the price isn't too bad.

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killer shot!

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You are kind.

In my next foray, I'll be moving in an opposite direction with the hard, Arri lighting.  :)

Wow you are right Lee that is a killer shot.

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Thank you, both. 

And here is more more; as a completely different look it shows the versatility of an utterly simple setup:


Outstanding shots...

Love the catch light in the eyes!

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Thanks so much

For European readers, this is also available in Germany:

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Falcon Eyes also sells them, pretty cool light. I have one for 5 years now, works like a charm :)

Olivia... sorry was she selling something...? I'd buy!
Seriously though, I shoot with a Gekko Tech 'Kisslight'... very pricey, but very good. As for the LED harshness... sorry not true there, I Shoot with a diffusion ring GLAM all the way!
Well Jerry Hall loves it!

OR for $50 you could build your own...

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Any shock Olivia gets 7 comments in like 5 mins?

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Very nice light, but at 65 watts I won't have much use for it in daylight situations. I wonder how hard it would be to create a version with higher wattage..

thats very similar to the one i use Lee. i think mine is 100 watts though. I like it :)

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I have had one of those light for about a year now. Different company.. but same light.  We use it in the studio all the time not only for shooting, but also for the hair and makeup people. They love using it when they are working.

All of the headshots in this blog post were done with the ring light.

For the price it is pretty hand tool. We have taken it and the alien bee lithium vagabond out on the side sidewalk of our studio when we have done events there. Nice combo.

Question. I've not seen this woman before. Is she an actual photographer, which I find hard to believe given her looks, or just a pretty face reading her lines from a piece of paper?

She's been into video photography for less than a year.  Go look at her past videos on Vimeo. She was using a Flip Cam 6 months ago with no real video knowledge.  So...mainly she's a line reading spokes model interested in photography.  It's obvious any technical info she posts in her videos is being provided to her.

Great face though..!

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You find it hard to believe given her looks?  Geez, I guess I can't be a photographer either then :)  I know a lot of really attractive female photographers...infact I believe they have the potential to be more successful than their male counterparts!

But the fact is she isn't an established or credible photographer or videographer.  If she had some established body of work to see that would be a different case.  The reality is she is a spokes model with a beginner background/interest in photography and videography.  The fact she is doing reviews and informational posts is 100% based on her looks...not her knowledge or experience in the field.

That said....rock on.  She is great to look at.