[Extreme Light] This Handheld LED Light Produces Over 15,000 Lumens For Overpowering The Sun

Now this is pretty interesting. Recently at the 2012 SHOT show (tradeshow for outdoors and hunting), Foursevens revealed their new lithium powered LED light. Unlike typical LED lights, the XM18 produces an unprecedented 15,000 lumens of light. According to my simple calculations, the XM18 might be more powerful than your low to mid level Arri HMI lights! The XM18 is also fairly affordable compared to some HMIs since it costs a modest $2,500 per unit. Location photographers and videographers might be jumping on to these units soon unless annoying neighbors worldwide start placing their orders first!

18,000 Lumen Prototype Demo Out In The Desert:

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Oh my goodness, I'm surprised Batman didn't end up showing up on the second video! That is quite intense. 

Dope! Now why is it $2,500?

Mike Wilkinson's picture

Cloudy day for a shoot? Kick this bad boy on and now you have sweet low-horizon sunlight... pretty sick.

Mike Tarsitano's picture

Ya I dont see why it would be that expensive .......

not for $2,499.00 .... $300-350 USD MAX ...