[Video] The New ARRI L7 LED Fresnel Lights Are Pretty Awesome

Most of the readers here at Fstoppers are photographers but we also have a lot of videographers as well. Most of us photographers are completely out of the loop when it comes to the tools videographers use day in and day out, and some of them are pretty cool. Mitch Gross demonstrates some of the features found in the new ARRI L7 LED Fresnel Lights and they look pretty awesome. Having WB control over your light color is pretty awesome and could come in handy for a lot of photography applications. These Fresnel lights are pretty expensive at $2700 but hopefully this technology will show up in other less expensive lights too. How cool would it be if our future speedlights had both strobe light and controlable LED lights for video (hint hint Nikon!)

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Noah's picture

I just saw an ad in Shutterbug about Polaroid putting out a strobe/continuous light for vids. I don't know much about it, but at least the ideas out there!

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Even better... harnessing continuous lights for still photography.

Just started soaking in this new training series which includes some very intriguing techniques with continuous lights:


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I've always loved the look of a fresnel light. I learned photography in college using my professor's Arri 300 that he'd let me use after class. The light got pretty hot over time and the bulbs kept popping, but the light, bounced off of foam core, was awesome. I really hope these lights bring back that quality.

Adam's picture

Awesome! No more fiddling with gels and c41s. If this gets into other, more affordable (although I can't afford these, I can't say they're not offered at a great price) models... Why did it take so long for someone to come up with this?

Totally SICK thing!!! New leader in my wish-list... :)

awesome! with the ability to focus the light you could bring back the old school Hollywood portrait aesthetic at least where photo is concerned for this light haha

Some might say "2700 bucks? Are you outta your mind!!?" 
However, I SAY;  
"It does have a dimmer and also can make different colors, and err,, it doesn't get hot? 2700 BUCKS ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!?!??"....

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30,000 hours is like 10 years of use. That's a pretty optimistic view on the future of "usb" upgrades.
Great light.. I'll take 10.

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i bet gel companies like rosco are PISSED!! hahahah

oh, my.