5 Photographic Phenomona You Absolutely Need to Adhere To

As you get better and better at photography, you learn more and more. This has the negative effect that there then exist fewer and fewer new things to learn since you already know most of them. I was surprised to find this video by Alex Kilbee where he shares some lesser-known photographic phenomena.

If I may indulge in a bit of personal experience, I’ve never actually been to a group photowalk. I always kind of considered that if I’m photographing something and there are a dozen other photographers photographing the same thing, there really doesn’t leave much room to be different. So, to my surprise, when Kilbee mentions that this is a real thing* called the Workshop Law, well, I was flabbergasted. Color me shocked that when you have a group of photographers in a given space, they have this innate tendency to gather together in tight groups, like a school of fish or a flock of migratory birds. My suspicions were correct! So, thanks, past self, for having the wherewithal to not attend a photowalk — all lone wolves here.

Kilbee goes on to talk about a few other phenomena and each one is more titillating and agonizing than the last. Who’d have thunk some of these things even exist. Certainly not I! I’d be curious to know which ones you knew about or have avoided? Or, shock and horror, embraced? I’d be keen to know in the comments below!

*This isn’t a real thing. None of these are real things. Take this video and this post with a grain of salt and good humor.

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Roger Jensen's picture

Nicely done. I only wish you wouldn't have put the footnote on the story. I would have rather waited for someone to lose their $#@! over the laws.

Crystal Trask's picture

Funny stuff!