Behind The Scenes Photos from Empire Strikes Back

Behind The Scenes Photos from Empire Strikes Back

Released on May 21, 1980, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back has become over the years one of the most epic space films ever. The Star Wars series has resulted in a cultural phenomenon and made a tremendous effect on the film industry. Photos have surfaced showing the behind the scenes action including old tricks used to pull of some of the "mind-blowing" effects we watched as kids. You have got to see these.

Looking through the photos I really enjoyed just seeing how much fun the crew looked like they were having on the set. It's also intriguing to see behind the scenes into how so many of the effects were put together. From finding people the right size to fit into R2-D2 and the Chewbacca outfits to putting together miniature sets that on the big screen make the viewer feel like they are being transported to a whole different world. I highly enjoyed looking through these photos and getting a peek into the set of one of history's most influential films.

Look close on this first picture and you'll see the mattresses underneath Luke.

Kenny Baker climbing into the R2-D2 suit.


ILM Visual Effects Legends Dennis Muren, Phil Tippett, Mike Pangrazio

Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) struts around in comfy pants

Yoda operator and voice Frank Oz








Here are some additional great facts about the film from
- When the Millennium Falcon is flying through the asteroid field, one of the floating space rocks is actually a potato.
- The scene in which a swamp creature grabs R2-D2 was filmed in George Lucas' unfinished swimming pool.
- In many of Princess Leia's scenes with Han Solo, actress Carrie Fisher stood on a box. She was a foot or so shorter than Harrison Ford, and Lucas feared that the difference in height might make her seem weaker.
- By the end of the shoot, over 120 hours of film was used.

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Woah! Great to see these BTS. We grew up with these people :)


can you PLEASE make clear in your article what is the source for your images.
that´s good journalism. you know!

So is being able to spell. It's 'peek'.

Do you have the right ti use these photos? Why don't they have credits?

people need to calm down with these comments... awesome photos.

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There are no awesome photos without photographers.

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sorry, where are the mattresses? that's not very clear...

You'll need to look really closely. Reeeeeally closely.

I, for one, am shocked that Mark Hammil did not jump down an actual several-thousand foot ventilation shaft.

This made my night.

These will never get old.