Brides Throwing Cats Instead Of The Bouquet of Flowers

Brides Throwing Cats Instead Of The Bouquet of Flowers

About every 6 months we see a new trend happening at weddings. It wasn't long ago that bridal parties were running for their lives while being chased by dinosaurs, or Star Wars AT-AT Walkers among many other things. The latest new trend, thanks to the Tumblr site Brides Throwing Cats, oh and of course a little Photoshop, is replacing the flowers being tossed with a cat. It's so simple, yet genius.

Even as a lover of cats I have to admit this site had me laughing. The photos of course are done in Photoshop, so don't try this for real at your next wedding. Not sure the cats would really appreciate the celebratory toss and catch. But if you happen to have some great shots of brides tossing cats (Photoshopped of course) my guess is that the Tumblr site would love to see them.

Fstoppers Brides Throwing Cats 2
Photo Credit: Bryan Aulick

Fstoppers Brides Throwing Cats 4
Photo Credit: Miller + Miller


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Last thing you need on your wedding night is a scared pu$$y..

ALIsa RAUNER's picture

my thoughts exactly,

David Leyland's picture

I was thinking of saying the bride should toss the groom but thought better of it!

Why is this article posted here?

Trevor Dayley's picture

Cats are cool.

Sorry, this just ain't funny, sorry...

Fstoppers is competing with Petapixel for amount of stupid posts.

Patrick Hall's picture

We only compete with ourselves, and as for stupid posts....we are losing

this is a pointless post for a "photography" blog. guisses lets repost from imgur and reddit!

Ariel Martini's picture

no post with cats are pointless

Trevor Dayley's picture

Especially cats that are flying into the outstretched arms of single ladies.


Jeff Adkins's picture

Cats and Flowers are probably the two most photographed things on the planet, I for one find it hilarious that someone decided they were interchangeable. I laughed and am glad this was posted :D

Great post!

stefano druetta's picture

no. just, no.

Badly photoshoped. I'm no better at PS, but it just stand out to much.. Especially the WB missmatch.

This just isn't the issue about it being badly PSed but the lack of humor and the uninspiring idea behind article screening anymore, fstoppers?

The world needs you to lighten up way more than it needs well-photoshopped cats and profound Fstoppers articles.

Oh, I get it now...if I don't find something as redundant as this funny, I need to lighten up? I just don't find it amusing that the bottom of the barrel stuff that gets plastered all over the web finds its way here too...

No, you need to lighten up because you can't just let others enjoy something you don't.
You saw the article title, and at that point you had the option of either reading it or saying "that's not for me" and moving on. For some masochistic reason you chose the former. Then you blame others for your inability to control your impulses and insist that the internet conform to your personal tastes.

It's like looking at a car wreck when passing by...

...and blaming others for taking your foot off the gas pedal.

it serves them well for ending up in that crash :-)

Jeff Adkins's picture

Brian, I'd +10 this if I could, well said.


Thanks for the laugh!

Yes. It's not the best photoshop job on the planet, but I don't think that's the point. Fstoppers provides a plethora of educational and helpful articles and posts for photogs. It's completely within their right to throw in one for a laugh every once in a while. If you don't see it that way, don't click on the posts with cats in them. Or better yet, learn not to take yourself so seriously.

And once again a post on Fstoppers that has absolutely NOTHING to do with 'creative professionals'. The amount of sensational posts on here is just way too high. Where's the quality content? Like the thread about pricing the other day. That was great stuff. This doesn't belong here. I don't care about pageviews and what. Provide content, not this garbage.

Unlike then. Everyone and Anyone is allowed to have fun. When you get your hundred thousand follower website, you can post your serious thoughts there.

Anybody whining about this post is the last person I want to work with. Lighten up!! Live a little and don't take yourself so serious, your the same as us but you over value your worth.

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