Can You Spot What's Wrong With This Photo?

The popular show Downton Abbey just released a set of photos to help advertise for Season 5 and this morning Darren Bell on Twitter pointed out a rather large mistake in the photo. If you haven't seen it yet already it might be helpful to understand that the show takes place in the 1920's back when water didn't come in plastic bottles. Have you spotted it yet?

Look up on the mantle.

Often these photo failures are a result of some Photoshop mistake. Here someone simply left their water bottle up on the mantle which of course wasn't how the good folks of Downton Abbey got their water back in the 1920's. In fact plastic water bottles didn't come along till the 1960's. Hopefully the team all got a good laugh though at the photo and it can be a reminder to all of us to pay special attention to the small details that accidentally get left on set when taking photos. 


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David J. Crewe's picture

I know, I know!! ^_^

Lee Morris's picture

I couldn't see it until you pointed it out. Guess they couldn't either

Michael Bonocore's picture

Yet, I can't find a photography gig if I begged.

Sara Smoot's picture

I saw it right away *pats self on back* lol:):)

Anonymous's picture

It not being period-correct aside, that's sloppy either way. A bunch of people had to have seen the image before the public did and NOBODY saw that?!

Nick Mahar's picture

It blends in really well! I would say the reason none of the people saw it before it got released was because they were focusing on the people. My eye is definitely drawn to only them which is a great thing.

Mo Pla's picture

What if it happened on purpose?
Only mentioning.. free advertisement on FStoppers many posts on twitter.
Think it's made perfectly fine to advertise on a budget.

Matija Marcius's picture

In the past 24 hours this news is on all portals! and FREE!
Congratulations on this bold move because this can not be coincidence.
This man deserves a BONUS!

Dr. Dominik Muench's picture

Agreed, with the flash highlight on the bottle, no way this got overlooked accidentally.

Don Fadel's picture

Can you spot what's wrong with this post? It's "Downton Abbey", not "Downtown Abbey"

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Paul Monaghan's picture

haha... easy retouch job though but still.

I've done worse tbh, I was helping a friend make a shot movie, one of the actors was struggling with his lines and ended up leaving a script on the bar.. I was too focused on pulling off the camera move (it was complicated) to notice but then the other people around me didn't either so I don't feel so bad haha.

Matt Prokosch's picture

I thought you guys were referring to the four-button waistcoat that didn't appear until 1926...

Karma Wilson's picture

There's a rumored time jump in season 5, and season 4 left off in 23 so if these are season 5 pics it might be 26. However, it's probably just sloppy costuming, although the show is much better than others in the set department. :)

Fernando Garcia's picture

The plastic bottle of water on the right. Lol!

Karma Wilson's picture

Ha, just posted before seeing this. :)

Rob Bannister's picture

These type of mistakes are mainly why the VFX industry exists on the level it does. Its not all surreal imagery and explosions. Its mainly removing things people didnt see in frame. Why digital has made us not look through the lens before we shoot is beyond me. But hey it keeps the work coming in.

Adrian J Nyaoi's picture

wasn't hard to spot it

Karl-Filip Karlsson's picture

the bottle?

Karma Wilson's picture

Have you seen the followup they released? The whole cast playfully posed with water bottles. Fun stuff, and shows a great attitude. Love this show, water bottle or no! :)

Mike Powell's picture

Dam! Wear is the maid? Off!! with her head!!!