Canon Created A Hilarious Ad Campaign To Inspire You To Print Again

Here at Fstoppers, we all know Canon makes some pretty cool cameras, but you may have forgotten they also make really nice photo and document printers. Canon realized that, in this digital age of Facbeook, Instagram, RFID devices, and Apple Pay on your iPhone, many of us have dramatically decreased or stopped printing things out. You know, things like photographs, tickets, business documents, and maps. Thus, in response, they started the "Never Again" campaign and made this hilarious series of videos to promote their PIXMA printers. Read below to watch them all. 

First, I will note that the lead video above is a bit more risqué than I thought Canon would go, but I have no problem with it and think its hilarious. 

I am not surprised that Grey, the legendary ad agency, is responsible for these videos. This campaign was very well-executed and even makes me feel inspired to buy a new printer to replace the aging one here at my desk, but if the industry could only do something about the cost of printer ink...

PIXMA "Never Again": Daughter

This one is hilarious because I have so many friends that no longer print out actual photographs of their kids.

PIXMA "Never Again": Office

Admittedly, I thought this was the weakest of the series.

PIXMA "Never Again:" Eulogy

PIXMA "Never Again:" Concert

I think this one is my favorite

PIXMA "Never Again": Map



[Hat tip to Ad Week for the original article about this]


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haha pretty good

These are fantastic.

somehow i just don't think this is funny...

Haha someone voted this comment down

I guess you can't argue about taste :- )

So often, paper pixels are the very best pixels.

Two thumbs down for trying to be funny...but kudos to Canon for creative engineering...

In my experience, people still love prints, so I've made two concessions for my wife and daughter. First, I got them cameras with a Wi-Fi option. This way, they can use an actual camera, not a phone, to take photos. But the images get sent to their phones for easy sharing. Then we got a pair of Canon Selphy printers. For $100, you get great quality dye sublimation 4x6 prints, which can be printed right from the phone or camera. Prints cost 30 cents each. My daughter can take a photo of one of our dogs cuddling with the cat, print it without getting off the sofa, and stick it on the wall in her room a few minutes later.

Ironically, my Pixma Pro-100 is still in the box.

Funny yes, hilarious not so much. But hey, since we are in the business of clickbait I think is ok.

Funny thing is whenever I give someone a printed photo of them, it's like a big deal. I guess the over saturation of digital photos over the digital space becomes lame and boring and to see a physical copy excites our eyes.

Wow. Why are people bummin' on this. I think it takes a bit of creative genius to do this. More than anything, it's the marvelous execution that actually pulls this off. But you can only get so creative with so much of this...and I'm happy Canon took the initiative to try and NOT bore us. Success. Fun concept, great can argue when it's better than 90% of the other stuff out there? Hmm...

I love these commercials... and they worked on me, I picked up a Canon Pixma Pro-100 (for a steal) and am printing at least one piece a week lately to just give away... its costs me about $3-$4 for a 13x19 and the people I give the prints to love them.... I need to get better with the layouts with LR though.

Lak Skynyd sayd, I'm a simple kinda' man. I am a bit o' connoisseur of commercials. I see all o' 'em 3-4X B4 I even see 'em at all. Not a Geek; NOT a Geek - a connoisseur. Dees r gr8t, mon. I saw 'm the 1st time I saw 'm - not the 3rd or 4th time - the first time. The The best is, "Touchdown." I wish I could write like that. I think anyone who can write like that should be a millionaire. But, at least she/he is making the ad agency and the ad agency customer wealthy. I have Nikon cameras and HP computers and printers/scanners/what's dat thang we used 2do - faxers. But, I will be buying a new personal printer/scanner/twitter soon, and as THE BIG GUY said on WKRP, "as god is my witness," I WILL BUY CANON.