Couple Soaked by Huge Wave During Wedding Day Photo Session

Most good photos require a bit of risk. Unfortunately for newlyweds Jenny McCauley and Kirea Lovell, their decision to take some of their wedding photos at the water’s edge didn’t pay off, as a new video shows the moment a huge wave soaked the both of them.

It was August 30, and the pair were posing for snaps in their dresses after exchanging vows. Speaking to Inside Edition, McCauley recalls:

I heard the camera man go, 'You guys should be scared.' And I thought he was kidding, so I started cracking up, and within a second, it just poured on us. I kind of just sat there in shock like: ‘Did that really just happen? Is this real life?’

The incident was captured by their wedding photographer, while some of their guests happened to be videoing when the wave came crashing over. Attendee Jayden Barrientos, who was filming, laughed: “I was like, 'You know what? They're in the right place and the wave is coming. So I need to get my phone out... Sure enough, it just crushed them."

The couple was able to laugh about it in the end and said the photos they have as a result were “totally worth it.”

Check out the video above to watch the moment the pair got soaked.

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I'd love to see the result.

If the shooter was on burst it could be great.

Looks like he may have turned away to soon.

Where is the husband?

Clearly it's not a wedding in the traditional sense, so there is no husband.

So sad....

Are you serious?

Over the course of your life, there will be a lot of people who disagree with you on subjects like this. You should probably get used to it. Try as I might, I still can't get used to the idea that a lot of, otherwise, decent people think killing babies is a good idea. :-/

It is what it is but, "traditional" it ain't.

Traditions can be cultural, regional or religious. This doesn't fall under any of those categories.

It has been legalised quite recently in some parts and is illegal everywhere else, but it is a long way off being considered traditional anywhere. (And no, it wasn't traditional in ancient Rome, either).

Two people in love getting married? Pretty sure that's a tradition.

What a profoundly tasteless comment.

That's on O'ahu. They are lucky the wave didn't take them into the ocean! Many tourist get warned by the locals not to stand too close and many times they don't listen because they see locals jumping in... some times they get splashed like this video but many times they get dragged across the reef and can't get back out of the water.

being from Maui I can say yeah sadly I had to move off island in my 40s so had years working on boats shooting weddings there but they turn off the brain sadly sometimes

So the photographer turns around the protect his camera during the wave splash :) he was waiting for... hm... :)

Here's a pro tip to anyone planning on taking a shot near the coast, don't stand on wet rocks. They are a message from the ocean and the message is "I'll be right back!". Seriously, the one thing everyone learns growing up in Hawaii is never turn your back on the ocean, especially on these rocky ledges, the currents can be very quick and you can get knockout cold on your way in very easily. Stupid tourist stunt for a classic Hawaii pic.

this is from about 15 years ago one of my fav wave photos :)

Why the groom let his two wives to be in such a dangerous place?


nothing new, this often happens to me when I do seascapes

The photos would be the interesting part of this story..