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As Far as Photobombs Go, This One Is Pretty Hilarious

How's your Monday going? While I'm not psychic, I'm willing to guess it's probably going better than this Weather Channel camera-person's day. Check out this hilarious example of what happens when all your preparation and planning for that one shot is ruined by something you never saw coming.

We've all been there: some epic event is going to occur. You've planned your shot down to every last detail: settings are dialed in and the composition is set, when all of a sudden, a giant bus pulls into the shot two seconds before everything unfolds, only to pull away in some sort of ironic twist of the knife as soon as the excitement dies down. That's exactly what happened this morning when the Weather Channel tried to live-stream the implosion of the Georgia Dome, as you can see above. 

I have to admit that I was torn between laughing as the operator futilely whisper-screamed "No, bus!" and feeling sympathy for them as they watched their one and only chance for the money shot ruined at the last possible second. I've certainly had my fair share of shots destroyed by things and/or people I never saw coming, and my reaction normally has a large proportion of words that need to be bleeped out as well. Alas, such is the life. Happy Monday!

[via Gizmodo]

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Anonymous's picture

They didn't do their homework. The amateurs in front had obviously done so! It happens to all of us at some time.

Alex Cooke's picture

Someone mentioned elsewhere that they had corralled all the media there so as to not block the spectators' views. Someone definitely screwed up either way, though.

Deleted Account's picture

I was expecting a shoe to hit the bus window. That's got to be similar to be sitting behind a distracted driver at a green light when your horn isn't working... Happened to me today. All you can do is try to find the ability to communicate telepathically. HAH

Alex Cooke's picture

Lol, that reminds me of that scene in "Liar Liar" when Jim Carrey throws his shoe at the plane.

Gabrielle Colton's picture

This pretty much sums up the Marta hahaha.

Deleted Account's picture

Thanks! Now I know I'm not the only one.

marknie's picture

The Media does not want to pay good trained professionals anymore so this is what they get. A real Pro would have planned for that sort of thing happened.

Mick Ryan's picture

Got to admit, the first question I would ask myself would be “why is everyone standing over there?”. And if he had even done one shoot before he would know all about traffic. Unfortunately if he was just an amateur but well deserved if he was shooting for the Weather Channel.

Pieter Batenburg's picture

I wouldn't be in the best of moods after that.

Justin Berrington's picture

Something must be done! this is occurring far too often!

Jim Bolen's picture

One of the many reasons why I like having an elevated pole system!

michael buehrle's picture

i bet it was the same bus driver in both videos, what a dick he is. #buslivesmatter