Four Ways YouTubers Annoy Their Audience

Remember when YouTube videos and tutorials were super straight forward and to the point? Me neither. 

Honestly, it's like every YouTube video needs to have an intro, an "about us" section, a history of the creator and, clips of the pet dog. I get that fancy intros can look nice, but seriously, I know who's video I'm watching, I was there when I clicked on it. There are so many occasions where I will attempt to skip the intro altogether, only to overshoot it and then I have to scrub back to a point where I think the actual video starts; but then I'll miss that too and end up spending more time doing the back and forth instead of watching the actual intro. Can everyone just get rid of over the top intros so I don't personally have to do the guess and skip dance; surely that can't be unreasonable right? 

In a recent video by Camera Conspiracies, he gives four reasons as to why he may completely skip your video. Now, these may be his own individual thoughts on the matter, but they do sound all too familiar. Based on my little rant above I'm assuming it's pretty clear what annoys me the most. 

Check out the full video linked above and I highly recommend you subscribe. 

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Is posting long videos when a typed list of 4 things would work better?

Is the irony deliberate?

i.e. using a very annoying video, of someone wth a pretentious and contrived style of presenting, who mistakenly thinks he is very interesting, insightful and perceptive, so as to complain about YouTubers that think they are interesting, when they are nothing but annoying.