What Are the Funniest Photography Accounts to Follow?

What Are the Funniest Photography Accounts to Follow?

Sure, there’s plenty of talented photographers to follow on Instagram. But are they funny?

It seems like there’s a parody account for every facet of life. To me, nothing brings the community together like some cathartic humor. These are the accounts that some of the Fstoppers team and I have been following – I’m sure there’s many more so please suggest accounts in the comments. Who said photography had to be serious?

James Fridman

The obvious first choice, and the poster child for hilarious Photoshop. Fridman has the most amount of followers on this list. I expect nobody here doesn’t know about him. In case you don’t – he takes Photoshop requests and creates exactly what the person doesn’t want.

Kirby Jenner

I love it when somebody Photoshop themselves into celebrity photos. Kirby Jenner, the pretend twin brother of Kendall Jenner, inserts himself into the very fabric of the Jenner and Kardashian existence. His self deprecating humor has worked out for him, considering he’s currently part of a McDonald’s campaign.


The first niche player on the list, aimed at wedding photographers. I’ve never been able to figure out who actually owns this account, other than a husband and wife duo. This Instagram account is largely a collection of cartoons poking fun at churches, brides, and invoices.

The Photocopier

Nothing but classic memes. This account really reminds me of DoP Life, except this one is still running. For anybody who shoots commercial and studio stuff, this is the account to follow. It can be a little “bro-ish” at times though.

Worst Editor Ever

This might be my favorite Twitter account. Sure, it’s not intended for photographers alone. However, if you’re into video editing at all you’ll appreciate this gem. The account really plays into the Los Angeles editor role.

Average Rob

More celebrity Photoshop gags. Average Rob is not just a fantastic artist, but he’s also funnier than the competition in my opinion. I can appreciate that he goes the extra mile to make it look realistic.

Phillip Kremer

On the strange, artsy side of things, we have Kremer. His Photoshop ability is only surpassed by his insane ideas. If you’re into pop-culture art then look no further.

Clients from Hell

A staple that might not even be worth mentioning, because we’ve all spent entire afternoons scrolling through it. I know Clients from Hell isn’t always meant to be funny, but that’s the reason I read it nonetheless. In fact this article would have been done in half the time if I didn’t start reading through it. Put away your client emails and pick up somebody else's.


Not unlike Kirby Jenner and Average Rob, in that he Photoshops himself into celebrity images. I like how he’s willing to post the before and after versions of his creations though. A nice touch on what’s becoming more common.

That’s all we could think of, but there’s got to be much more (perhaps that I already follow and have forgotten about). Thanks to Jason Vinson, Joseph Polosi and Paul Adshead for contributing to this list. Please comment below if I should be following anybody else.

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Kurt Lindner's picture

Good list, Photocopier had to be on here.

I'd throw in hotphotoassistants as well just for fun, especially if you do location work (fun way to contribute positive vibes).

Paul Parker's picture

Loads I didn't know there, always good to have a laugh at this industry we find ourselves in...

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Matthew Saville's picture

twitter.com/photo_snark gets my vote...

Mads Peter Iversen's picture

Great list, fun stuff :)

Arun Hegden's picture

good fun list..:D

Joe Stephens's picture

Lord Birthday. Weird and hilarious.

S. Dirk Schafer's picture

What no ClickittyCat? I know I haven't been posting much, but I used to be funny.