The Hilarious Moment a Dad Recorded Himself Instead of His Daughter's Graduation

Technology moves along at a breakneck pace, and it often develops a bit faster than all of us can keep up with it. Perhaps nowhere is that more hilariously illustrated than when someone unknowingly uses the front-facing camera instead of the rear-facing camera to record an event, which is exactly what happened to this dad at his daughter's graduation. 

First, there were cameraphones, then there were cameraphones with front-facing cameras as well, and sure enough, as soon as phones had two cameras, people started accidentally selecting the wrong camera without realizing it. That's exactly what happened to this dad when his daughter walked across the stage for graduation, and he only realized his mistake after the moment had passed. Luckily, he took it in stride, only briefly getting mad before laughing it off, and even more luckily, he saved the video anyway, and it made its way to the internet. On the upside, I think it's actually kind of a cute memory, as his daughter will get to enjoy seeing his reaction and how proud and happy he was when she walked across the stage. That's probably a better memory than a phone video from 100 feet away. 

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Is this not at least 12 months old? Must be slow news day. If you are short articles you should do more on good photographers from around the world. There would be lots of them interested in show casing their work here and the stories to go with them.

You are right, this is an old video.

Seems like this is the norm lately. I see more links to YouTube videos and references to other articles that I've either already seen or already read. Where are the "original" FStopper Articles? This place is starting to become just a web link to other sites.....