A Hilarious Rant About the New Canon RP Mirrorless Camera

The Canon EOS RP is indeed a remarkably light and very cheap full frame camera, and while that sounds just great on the surface, some users are a bit annoyed at what features Canon trimmed to get it to that point. This hilarious rant takes square aim at that exact issue.

Warning: the above video contains profanity.

Coming to you from Camera Conspiracies, this hilarious video rant takes aim at the new Canon EOS RP mirrorless camera. The camera is notable for being ridiculously light and cheap for a full frame camera, but it also contains some rather questionable feature omissions, such as 1080/24p video. It also seems that Canon essentially used the sensor from the 6D Mark II, one that's known for being behind the times. Others might be annoyed because after the release of the EOS R with its middle-of-the-road specs, many were hoping that a professional-level mirrorless body was next on the way, particularly since Canon is releasing a lot of mightily impressive glass for their mirrorless RF mount that could use a flagship body to match it. Alas, until we see that release, we'll have to settle for hilarious videos like this one.  

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Canon knows it has a legion of loyal users as a result of years of good work but continues to explore the patience of users for easy profit.

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Hahaha and blablabla..... maybe first learn to a lot of people here how to make a good photograph. And otherwise give them a second hand nikon d70 for 100 dollar. This camera is far to good for them.

I love his videos. I'd also recommend his video on 'Photographers' and a good response to those who say "If you want to shoot video, just get a video camera".

Almost as good as “if your homeless just buy a house”

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Great pictures on this site man....

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RP = Recycled Parts

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I'm sitting on top of a pile of Canon gear, and Canon's looking more and more like Kodak all the time. That's not good.

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I'm pretty sure that Canon is not going anywhere anytime in the foreseeable future. Sure, they're late to the party, but they're investing a ton into the transition which is much more than could be said of Kodak. I think that they're making a smart play here to try to dig into the hobbyist and budget consumers, which are the bulk of the market. Their only real miscalculation (aside from being late to the party) in my opinion is that they should have released a 50mm f/1.8 prime and a kit zoom alongside this lens. It's not much use if people can't afford any native lenses to stick on that cheap camera body.

I know heavy camery = professional. But when I do 8h aday and this maybe for 3 days in a row I with to have an ultra light pro body and light lenses. you don'T wanna do this with the holy 2,8 zooms especially not with 70-200 2,8. I did this the first years and my wrists were always hurting like hell afterwards. now I prefere light 1,8 primes, yes even not 1.4 because of the weight and when using flash they are stopped down.

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If that causes an issue take a day off and go back at it. Your body adapts.
I'm a pipefitter and when I first got into it I was working with a welder for 24 days straight (12 hour days). By day 23 I was so sorry from using a grinder. He handed me a bigger grinder and told me I could only use that one for the last two days. I could barely move already. When you pull the trigger on a 7 inch grinder it will actually twist in your hand from the torque and will fly out of your hand when you actually use it if you don't hold on tight. I went home for four days and came back. After that the smaller grinders felt like nothing. Impact guns are the same thing. If you just use the heavier gear the odd time obviously it's gonna make you sore and tired. You just need to push through it and keep using them if you want to build up the strength to use them for long periods of time.

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A new low for Fstoppers. I unsubscribe.

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That was funny in some parts and had me cracking up in other. I almost spit out my coffee in the give him your car bit. lol as a Canon super fanboy, I'm also puzzled by this camera. I almost want to thank Canon for saving me money. After shooting on the Canon 5D Mark III for 4 years, switching to the Mark IV was mind-bending(dual-pixel fast as Nikon focusing speeds:). I've had the Make IV since the launch. If Canon releases a proper mirrorless camera at the end of the year that will be a solid 3 years of use before switching and I'm pretty stoked about that. I'm positive a large percent of kids these days switching out systems like they're mobile phones are operating at a loss or at best hurting their salary. Either way, I'm stoked about the rumors for a pro R with in-camera stabilization and that lineup of glass to boot. Those​ of us that have been patient and saved $$$ during the wait will benefit the most. ? ☺️

Am I weird for thinking a camera with those specs at that price is fucking amazing?

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Just good that Canon goes first to the low cost "amateur-with-ambition" market with a payable model. Later those people will grow into the more expensive market. Everybody is doing it. Why not Canon. I started with EOS450, EOS 6D and now EOS 5D IV. Canon has to connect again with the starters and build their future.

Not hilarious. Not funny. Not even slightly.

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The RP is not my cup of tea, but full frame for a decent price. For now, Sony's APS-C line fits my needs perfectly, which may not be someone else cup o tea.