Instagram Husbands - A PSA for the Men Behind the Photos

"Behind every cute girl on Instagram is a guy like me, and a brick wall." The latest video from the folks behind The Mystery Hour gives us a glimpse into the lives of the men who take the photos of the ladies of Instagram.

Ever see a picture scroll across your Instagram feed and wonder, "Who took that? Do you have a tripod? A really good friend? What gives?" Well, thanks to "Instagram Husbands," now you know. In addition to their video, The Mystery Hour has set up a support page for IH's (that's short for Instagram Husbands, in case you aren't good at reading in context) to share their stories at

While we're on the subject, here's a fun startup idea for the more entrepreneurial-minded of you: Uber for Instagram. Need someone to take a killer photo for your feed but don't have a friend around to badger into helping you? Use our app! We can call it "Amaro" or "Earlybird" or something. Launch it exclusively in San Francisco for the first few months so the rest of the country feels really left out and un-special. Then when you finally expand to their city, everyone will feel so lucky and excited. It's a can't-miss idea.

Are you an Instagram Husband? 

[Via The Mystery Hour]

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Aaron Bratkovics's picture

Yeah I laughed.

Andrew Richardson's picture

Me too. Laughter is good.

Andrew Feller's picture

Guilty... I am also an Instagram "pet dad", but I recently taught my wife how to shoot so she could take that over.

Ben Sandness's picture

Holy shit, Tank's account is good stuff. I just have a dog and toddler....but no first-person commentary. That takes it up a level.

Andrew Feller's picture

Yeah, thats all my wife... she pretty much does 100% of that account now, occasionally we take in out with us and I'll stage him on signs of next to a coffee cup

This is good.