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NASA Astronaut Realizes That He May Have Left His SD Card at Home

Ever left your house to catch a sunset only to realize that you left your SD card back at the house? Please spare a thought for this NASA astronaut who has a very long journey of shame ahead of him.

Intelligent, athletic, and extremely adaptable, astronauts are the best of the best; but in this clip, captured from a video which was aired on NASA's Twitch channel, we are treated to an unusually relatable sight.

In the short clip, we hear the astronaut, who is on a spacewalk, ask control, "Hey, um, Houston? I gotta ask you a question about the GoPro real quick." After an acknowledgment from control, he then goes on to say, "..I see a 'NO SD.' That means... do I need that to record?"

Oh, dear. Yes, highly trained spaceman; you need an SD card to record things on a GoPro. No doubt my smugness will be short-lived, but I'm going to savor this example of absent-mindedness for as long as I can. Nonetheless, they carried on with the spacewalk, and we're still not sure if the card is simply on the space station or 200 miles straight down, on a coffee table back at the Johnson Space Center. I like to think it's the latter. 

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Cliff Broughton's picture

I feel for the astronaut, but spacewalk of shame? I'm more interested in knowing who forgot to put "Insert SD Card in camera" on the pre-walk checklist! I'm sure someone remembered to put " charge the battery " on the checklist. We all know how well choreographed these things are!

Guilherme Checchia's picture

Everything that goes into the space station is highly restricted and needs clearance. I think the youtuber Curious Droid have a video where he explains that the cost for every pound taken to the space station is around 20 thousand dollars or some crazy number like that.
I also wouldn't rule out the possibility that this was a Nasa equipment given to him and the screw up was from someone back on Earth :)

Joe Black's picture

"Do I need that to record" looooool! I cracked when I heard that.