NFL Star Takes Over for CBS Camera Operator

NFL Star Takes Over for CBS Camera Operator

There are a lot of pro photographers worried about amateurs and hobbyists taking their work away. Perhaps it's time to turn an eye to the NFL. NFL star Tyreek Hill was flagged for taking liberties with a CBS camera this past Sunday.

Not only is Tyreek Hill one of the fastest players in the league, he may also be the best cameraman. At least in his opinion! 

After scoring for the second time Sunday and after jumping into the stands for the second time Sunday, Hill commandeered one of CBS' cameras to film his teammates celebrating after his touchdown. What's really funny about this moment is that Hill actually filmed the ref throwing a flag on his "excessive" celebration. 

From the cameraman's point of view:

From the camera's point of view:

Funny enough, CBS commentators quip about union violations. Even funnier, after the game, Hill was asked about the celebration and hilariously responded:  

I've got some good camera skills.

I wonder how much Hill would charge to be the videographer at my cousin's wedding.

Lead image by Petey21, used under Creative Commons.

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Jim Cutler's picture

Tyreek quickly abandoned the camera for only having one slot.

Mark Dunsmuir's picture

Ha ha ha. I love the look on the cameraman's face. At first he's not sure, and then realizes that he might as well just watch the show like everyone else!!