Is Photography Dead: An Infographic History of Photography

Is Photography Dead: An Infographic History of Photography

I'm not sure how valid the question is. Isn't it obvious...? Photography is more alive than ever. But this little graphic story gets to that point. For those interested in some of photography's most humble beginnings and boldest moves forward, or to see how much you really know, check out Overgram's infographic about the invention of the photograph and its transition from analogue to digital to everywhere...

Yes, Jaron Schneider just gave us a different infographic. And that makes me feel like they're starting to take over everywhere. Maybe people are just finally getting good at creating them. In any case, add a link to your favorites in the comments!

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More like "Infographic marketing" but a cool read anyway!

Sad that there is no mention of how many people print, frame and hang their pictures on the wall.

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Yeah what's with all the infomercials disguised as articles on this site? Also, can everyone get over Instagram already?

They blew it with the 1972 Texas Instruments section. The machine they show there is the first Kodak Digital camera prototype created by Steve Sasson in 1975.