These Are the Worst Photographers You Know

Let’s face it: photographers can be a fairly annoying and infuriating bunch. We have all met a photographer who simply annoys the living daylights out of us. This funny and lighthearted pokes fun at the most common types of those photographers.

Coming to you from The School of Photography, this fun video pokes fun at some of the most common and annoying types of photographers we’ve all likely run into (or even been ourselves at some point). I don’t know about you, but personally, it is the purists that drive me crazy the most, at least when they’re of the condescending variety. I honestly have no problem with the fundamental idea of restricting yourself to a certain way of doing things or a certain toolset; in fact, it’s something I heartily endorse, as placing creative restrictions on yourself (no matter how seemingly contrived or arbitrary) engages the problem-solving portion of your brain and can actually end up making you more creative in the long run. No, it’s when it comes with a sense of elitism with condescension to match that I find it unnecessary and highly annoying. Still, it’s fun to laugh at it when I’m not the one deal with it. Check out the video above to see all the types.  

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ROBERT MOSKO's picture

Absolutely hilarious! So true in a number of instances too.
I loved the line, " To bad you can't upgrade your personality." HA!

Simon Patterson's picture

That was well done. I had a good laugh!

It's as if a comments section came to life.

Michael Yearout's picture

Made me laugh. Fun post.

Blake Aghili's picture

LOL I remember the day I bought my first tripod head and didn't know how to install it. In my defense I have trouble with any thing more complex that light bulbs! for example if the said light bulb has a globe around it, then I am in trouble hehe :D