Wedding Photographer Forced to Photoshop Mother-In-Law's Dress Red After She Defied Bride and Wore White

Wedding Photographer Forced to Photoshop Mother-In-Law's Dress Red After She Defied Bride and Wore White

As if editing and retouching wedding photographs isn’t a large enough task as it is, spare a thought for this wedding photographer, who had to alter the color of the mother-in-law’s dress after she wore white to the ceremony.

The situation came to light via Facebook group “That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming,” where users share unusual or embarrassing situations they encountered at weddings.

One user, a guest at the wedding, shared the before and after photos from the memorable occasion. The woman in question was the groom’s mother, and she can clearly be seen wearing a full-length white gown, remarkably similar to that of a bridal dress. In the amended image, the photographer has altered the color of the dress to a bright red.

The user who posted the image captioned it:

The mother-in-law defied the bride and wore white. The photographer changed the dress in all the official photos to red. Love it!

The general consensus in the group was that this was incredibly bad etiquette on the mother-in-law’s part and that she ran the risk of upstaging the bride. “I would totally hire that photographer,” wrote one commenter.

We sure hope the photographer got to send an extra invoice for all that additional retouching!

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The Photographer's picture

No problem. Photographer charges for extra editing

Yea, im not going to think the mom is the bride

Teresa Oldenbourg's picture

Wearing white all together is absurd.

Jeff McCollough's picture

"Forced" is a strong word here. As I only had access to read what was in this article here on Fstoppers I don't see anything that would lead anyone to the conclusion that the photographer was "forced" to do extra work. Did the bride hold a gun to the photographers head or did she threaten to cough on the photographer?

Maybe this all boils down to an inexperienced photographer who didn't charge for extra work outside of what was accorded in the contract and likens to doing this extra work without charge as being "forced" to do it.

Or is this just a cheap clickbate title? Shame.

Jack Alexander's picture

There's always one

Sean Scarmack's picture

Sounds like you're the one if you think he's the one.

Dale Karnegie's picture

The lighting and the extreme depth of field in that photo make it look like it was taken with a cell phone; I question whether this was actually taken by a professional photographer at all -- and whether this story ever happened

iran ramirez's picture

Looks like Floridian behavior

Ken Hunt's picture

Sounds more like New Jersey

Ryan Davis's picture

I guarantee you that family has branches in both states.

Sola Abis's picture

This one serious work.

Sola Abis's picture

This one serious work.

Sola Abis's picture

This one serious work.

Sola Abis's picture

This one serious work.

Sola Abis's picture

This one serious work.

Sola Abis's picture

Editing each picture she appears to red is hard work.

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Isnt the golden rule of relationships 'if the potential mother in law is a crank then GTFO of there', you cant tell me the wedding day was the brides first warning that she is a dick.

Ben Harris's picture

Weddings bring the crazy out in the weirdest ways.

stuartcarver's picture

Haha yeah too many politics... thats why my partner and i arent bothered about it.

Charles J's picture

The groom is a major problem. If he spoke with his mother about wearing white and relented, then he'll relent to everything. It signals his mother (and other family members) to not respect boundaries. Also not confronting his mother about wearing white shows disregard for the bride's simple requests, which will lead to larger ones. And "wear any color except white at the wedding" is a VERY small request.

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True words I can’t argue with that

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Well, if the photographer got paid for it, then what's the problem? The bigger trouble is the mother-in-law who acted really rude. If I were the bride... Idk, I probably wouldn't edit all the pictures but definitely would change the few of them using some automatic photo editor (like the one you wrote about, Photoworks- ). And then had a GOOD conversation with this woman!

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Fristen Lasten's picture

To quote Greg Allman and Raymond Berry Oakley.....

"But, if I ever see that woman walkin' down the street I'll just stand back,
And try to move away slowly. Oh yeah."

Ed Knuff's picture

"Forced"???.........Click Bait...

Alex Qrea's picture

Imagine you had a video to edit like this...