What's Your Creative Type: An Adobe Quiz

What's Your Creative Type: An Adobe Quiz

Have you ever wondered what your creative type is, and needed someone or something to guide you? Adobe might have what you've been looking for.

Adobe partnered with Carolyn Gregoire who's written for big publications like Time Magazine, HBR, and Huffington Post, to create this quiz. It's only a couple of questions, so there really is no way it's possible to tell you what you should do with your creative pursuits, but it's fun, and that's the point. And who can't answer a few questions for some entertainment. With the colorful videos between questions that change depending on the choices you make, I think it's a way to open the mind to think about your personality traits to get some idea of what your strengths might be if you don't know. 

According to the quiz, I'm an Adventurer, and I'm fine with that. Although it might seem like astrology and analysis of your star sign, there's surely some truth in there, and I suppose it was written and created with that intention.  

We as creatives create, and rarely get something entertaining created for us, so I like the fact that Adobe did it, even if it's for marketing purposes and they just pushed up the prices from $9 to $20 for the Photography Suite monthly subscription.

Try the quiz here

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I don't like buggy so called pro programs that I have to pay monthly to be a beta tester while they ignore fixing the speed and focus on more bloatware. I don't like stockholders being the focus instead of the user. Did I pass?

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Between a quiz like this and the constant data stream phoning home of your work processes, Adobe is stacking a database to automate their product line with AI and eliminating the professional from the equation. I bet you're laughing at this comment too.

That was kind of fun. I enjoyed the graphics. And supposedly I'm a dreamer.