A Whimsical Woodsman Becomes a Symbol for Self-Confidence and Acceptance

A Whimsical Woodsman Becomes a Symbol for Self-Confidence and Acceptance

When Arizona-based Photographer Chad Castigliano set out to help his wife's non-profit organization, Books To The Rescue Yavapai County, he had no idea that his photoshoot to raise funds and awareness would spread like wildfire. Fortunately for Chad, his good friend and model for the project was Wildland Firefighter Tim Wilson

Not surprisingly, when the duo hit the Arizona woods with Tim's cheeky attitude, props, and a "dudeoir" style shoot in mind, they spent the first 10 minutes laughing hysterically. But what was a surprise was the viral-level attention and the reactions of people from around the world. Chad has received an overwhelming number of comments and emails with words of encouragement regarding body types, gender identity, and self-esteem issues. Seeing how comfortable Tim is with himself has challenged a lot of opinions on what it is to be beautiful, making him a sex symbol to many men and women who are truly crushing on him because of his confidence level.

We never thought of these photos as an inspirational thing, but looking back on it after seeing the comments and reading the messages, I can see why it has. It's because Tim is just this; he is self-confident and completely comfortable in his own skin. — Chad Castigliano

If you want to see more from this series and help support a good cause, head on over to Chad's Facebook Page.

Copyright 2015 | Images by Chad Castigliano and used with permission. | Chronicker Photography

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Kenn Tam's picture

Meh. I think it's kind of fun. It promoted a good cause and has helped many people realign their perspectives. Besides that, it's 2016, the whole concept of masculinity and femininity being something serious enough to be mocked or attached to gender is dated and tiresome.

If anything I was expecting people to rail against the lighting. :P

John Ohle's picture

Hi Pete, while I do not agree with you on this issue, but everyone is untitled to their own opinion. But sometime one needs to keep ones opinion to ones self.

As for the photographs I think the photographer was going for the the style of the calendar girls from the (British) Woman's Institute. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1180453/Original-Calendar-Girls-... Where older ladies posed nude for a charity Calendar. The shoot went so viral that it even had a movie maked about it.

The photographs you do not like are for a charity. So let me throw this over to you. You have been asked by the charity to do a shoot. What would you shoot for the charity to raise awareness and money for them? By the way, a viral shoot would be nice...

Lastly, my guess is that you would have no issue with theses photos if the model was a 23 year old good looking woman. Am I right?

Hans Rosemond's picture

How is it mocking? It's simply a juxtaposition of a stereotypically masculine occupation with stereotypically feminine posing. It's obviously completely tongue in cheek. I think it's fun and kudos to the "model" for having the confidence to do something that outlandish for a good cause.

Hans Rosemond's picture

Mocking usually implies a negative connotation. There's nothing inherently negative about the cause or article except the world view that you are bringing to it. Also, neither the cause nor photoshoot has anything to do with choosing a sexuality, whether that be gay, straight, or trans. To be propaganda, wouldn't the project have to be conceived and executed for the specific purpose of swaying minds? That doesnt appear to be the case here as its the viewer assigning any weight to the photos and not the artist.

Hans Rosemond's picture

I've read the definition just fine. However, i dont believe this is mocking.
You still seem to be stuck on the artist presenting something that you do not agree with and that somehow that making it propaganda. As for the "natural view," I dont even know where to begin.
That being said thats neither here nor there since this post has zero to do with presenting a stance on sexuality and everything to do with using humor to promote a good cause

Hans Rosemond's picture

K :) carry on.

David Vaughn's picture

This guy is our resident troll. He shits on basically every post and he thinks the gays are ruining the sanctity of marriage. I wouldn't pay much attention.

David Vaughn's picture

Whatever you want to believe. You're entitled to your own...perspective... lol

David Vaughn's picture

I see the Internet is very important to you.

I'm sorry you were offended.

Kenn Tam's picture

At no point in the article did I state the model's sexual preference. It's not relevant to the article. So, why comment on it? To call Tim gay, because of his performance is nothing short of bigoted, in tone.

The comment, "Nothing new. Just another gay. Next", was obviously meant to be derogatory and frankly I decided pretending other wise was a waste of time. Much like this whole comment thread.

Kenn Tam's picture

I referenced the tone of the comment deleted not yours. But, I believe this thread is more or less a waste of time because of how you started it and how you conduct yourself. You seem to thrive on sowing discord. You start arguments with negative, inflammatory, disparaging, and / or adversarial remarks. On the internet we call that being a troll. The first thing you said regarding this post added nothing productive to the conversation. When someone else followed up with an even less productive comment, and was deleted, you were eager to defended it. You simply like to argue, to hear yourself speak, and that bores me Pete.

Kenn Tam's picture

Still bored.

What Zit Tooya's picture

I think it's very funny, and I believe what you wrote, that they had a lot of fun that day.

To the *boohoo* guys: He's a wildland firefighter, show some respect! (And I can't think of many things that would be "manlier" than going into a burning area where the wind could cut off your way out anytime to protect nature & people from the fire)

wesjones's picture

It is hard for me to believe that there are people in this world that seem so devoid of joy that they can't find humor in this. Lighten up, not everything is a conspiracy to brainwash children.