Day Two of Photo Plus Expo in New York City

Day Two of Photo Plus Expo in New York City

All this weekend, we're giving you exclusive coverage of PhotoPlus Expo in New York City, where all brands meet, announce and show of their latest products and innovations. Yesterday, we were able to give you an inside look at the Sony A7R, TriggerTrap RedSnap, DEFY Gimbal system and others. Today, we're able to show you an inside look into Samsung, Manfrotto, and more.

Adorama & Flashpoint

Release a couple weeks ago were the new 3 Pod tripod systems from Adorama and Flashpoint. These tripods provide excellent stabilization in an incredibly compact and flat laying system. Marketed to both photographers and videographers, the 3 Pod System hopes to bring affordable support systems to photographers everywhere. Check out their demo, as we're walked through their new product line of tripods and video gear.

Samsung Galaxy NX

Samsung also was able to show us their Galaxy NX mirror-less camera. Equipment with Android Jellybean, this camera offers wifi connectivity, along with access through data plans on AT&T and others. Playing with this camera on the showroom floor, I found myself incredibly surprised. Not only is the functionality within the Android system incredibly innovative, but it is also incredibly easy to use. Equipped with a touch screen, the Galaxy NX allows you to cycle through the menus easily, and also offers changing of the settings with an incredibly powerful click dial system. Watch below as a Samsung rep is able to talk us through all the cool features within the Galaxy NX which will be available soon.

Manfrotto Pro Series Bags

Manfrotto has always been among the leading names in tripods, monopods and other support systems for photographers and videographers alike. For PhotoPlus Expo, Manfrotto was able to introduce their new line of Pro Series camera bags. With a hardened core, and an even more impressive hardened shell, Manfrotto had protection in mind when developing these new bags. Watch as Kayla takes us through all the features contained in these affordable camera bags.

Promote Control Prototype

Promote is known for their Control trigger system allowing for HDR, focus stacking, time lapses and other photography to be done with ease. I was able to talk to the CEO of the company, and he was able to give us an inside look at a prototype hoping to hit the shelves in the next couple months. Still unnamed, this is the one and only behind the scenes look into this Promote prototype, offering GPS connectivity, and bluetooth enabling for your DSLR camera in a small portable device. With that, you're able to access your camera via your phone and tablet, allowing you to do timelapses, HDR syncing and full use of shutter functions from the palm of your hand.

Spider Holster

If you've shot long weddings or events, you know that the simple strap with your camera often just isn't enough. The system starts digging into your shoulders and neck and becomes uncomfortable. I was able to meet with Shai from Spider Holster to discuss their brand new Lens pouch, allowing you to carry lenses on your Spider Pro utility belt and system. The new system allows you to carry a lot of gear in a comfortable and easy to access method.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, were we'll be giving you an inside look at Nikon's new D5300 & 58mm f/1.4 as well as updates from Sigma and to see what Canon has to announce during the largest photo expo in the world.

And if you're in town, be sure to join us for the Fstoppers & Peter Hurley party going on tonight.

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that´s all that is new? boring....

Not everything can be covered in one day. The expo is massive, with hundreds of booths.

We'll have more news about Sigma, Canon and Nikon tomorrow

O'boy, new tripods. Will they hold a 12x20 view camera?
More gimmicks and junk to buy and replace shortly.
How about a basic, solid camera that focuses with a nice, bright viewfinder and doesn't cost more than the average used car?