5 Purchases You Can Make to Immediately Improve Your Landscape Photography

Don't let anyone tell you gear doesn't matter. It does. It might not be the only thing that goes into getting good images, but it's certainly a big factor. But not all the gear you need has to be bodies and lenses. Here, learn about five purchases you can make to transform your landscape photography overnight.

I once got up one winter's morning here in the south of Japan to go and shoot some rockpools nearby my home. It was about 2 degrees (Celsius) outside and my body was absolutely freezing. I could barely see in front of me as I walked because of the steam coming out of my nose and mouth, then when I got to my desired destination, disaster struck. The tide was a little too high for me to see where I was walking, which meant my hiking boots were no match for the slippery rocks. I tried a couple of times but had to abandon my plans mid-trek because I was slipping all over the place and feared for my gear and my personal safety. That experience quickly taught me that necessary gear comes in all shapes, sizes, and dollar costs.

And that brings us to this great video by Henry Turner, in which he discusses five things you can buy to immediately improve your landscape photography. Considering what I wrote above, I think his first tip's the most valuable: get appropriate clothing, including footwear. Following that day, I went out and bought some fishing boots with little spikes on the soles. Wow, what a brilliant investment they were as they allowed me to walk across the slipperiest of rocks without a worry in the world. Turner also discusses lenses other than wide-angles, as well as filters, among other things. He's always entertaining, so give the video a look and let me know what you think are essential purchases for landscape photography.

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Great fuss over trivial matters.... :>(

I hope you're sitting down:

1. Outdoor clothing
2. Longer focal-length lenses
3. ND and polarizing filters
4. Tripod
5. Post-processing software

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