7 Tips That Improved This Landscape Photographer the Most

There's an unscalable mountain of information in our hands, and while that has incredible power, it can also mean that finding profound nuggets of wisdom is difficult. Here are seven tips that one expert landscape photographer found the most useful.

Nigel DansonĀ is a landscape photographer from my homeland, albeit in a far more photogenic location. Danson has created hundreds of videos of him working and many are filled with stunning imagery. However, what is particularly useful about Danson's videos, is the education side, particularly for photographers in their early stages. Rather than go over some of Danson's points in this video, I'll offer what I believe to be one of the most valuable tips.

I think very few people have a natural talent for a skill, and it's almost always the case that when a person is right at the top of their field, they got there off the back of that skill as the primary driving force. From what I can tell, the best ways to really improve are by brute-forcing your way to success. That is, practicing over and over, using constructive feedback to improve. However, if I were to give one tip to photographers looking to improve it would be "consistency". Try to take at least one photograph every single day and don't worry too much about how good it will be. You'll soon start looking for different styles and compositions and this will both hone your eye and develop your technical abilities.

What tip has improved you the most as a photographer?

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