A Beautiful Winter Time-Lapse Film of Norway

I'm a sucker for a good time-lapse video and this one featuring magical winter scenes of Norway is a stunner.

"Winter Wonderland" is a short time-lapse film created by professional photographer and filmmaker Adrien Mauduit of Night Lights Films. Mostly shot over the course of three consecutive days, though the finished film took three months to shoot overall, in the Norwegian island of Senja, Mauduit's film is elegant and cinematic. Mauduit utilizes motion excellently, making use of the Syrp Genie 3-Axis Kit and Vixen Optics Polarie Star Tracker. He transitions smoothly between sunrise, sunset, and night skies with auroras pouring through the scene.

Mauduit provides variety in his scenes, cutting from close-ups of pristine snow-covered trees to wide vistas of fjords with rugged peaks and valleys shown in moonlight. The end result feels like a winter fairy tale. As Mauduit says, "I really wanted the viewer to feel like they actually were in a dream straight from their winter childhood memory. Much like Narnia or Frozen you can just walk through the enchanted frozen forest, lie down in the scintillating fresh powder looking up at the branches contrasting with the blue sky and the northern lights, and all surrounded by the mountains and the sea."

Did you create any time-lapse projects this winter? Let me know in the comments below.

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Aneesh Kothari is a Houston-based travel, landscape, and cityscape photographer. He enjoys reading Fstoppers.com, traveling with his family, and making lists of things he enjoys. He yearns to be a Civil War buff but has yet to finish the Ken Burns series.

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fantastic film thanks for sharing it!