The Best Images from GuruShots "Mostly White" Challenge

The Best Images from GuruShots "Mostly White" Challenge

Some of the most stunning images have the simplest color schemes, which is why Gurushots "Mostly White" challenge produced some stunning photos. Gurushots hosts "The World’s Greatest Photo Game,” with regular challenges in which they invite participants to submit and rate photos within a certain theme. In this latest challenge, thousands of entries and millions of votes were submitted. Here are the three winners of the challenge as well as the top 60 rated images.

If you're a photographer looking to share your work, GuruShots is great place to stretch your photographic muscles and participate in some a wide variety of different themed contests. Submit great work and you'll be eligible for prizes as well. 

Top Photographer, Ailon Glitz - Israel

Top Photo, Sridhar Setty - United States

Gurus Top Pick, Marie Jalbert - Canada

David Strauss's picture

David Strauss is a wedding photographer based in Charleston, SC.

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What a colorful collage of white.

Can i purchase the magazine, where my photo is in it please.