Capturing Sharp Images in Bad Weather

When it gets windy outside, do you get frustrated with blurry photos? There are some camera settings you can change to help ensure you capture sharp images, even on windy days. This video talks about some of those settings that can help make sure your images are sharp.

While on the coastline of Ireland, Michael Shainblum talks about how to capture sharp images even in poor weather. While the winds of an approaching hurricane steadily increase, he demonstrates several techniques to capture sharp images. 

Landscape photographers can be hesitant to increase their ISO, but Shainblum talks about doing just that so he can get his shutter speed high enough. His general recommendation is two times the focal length you are photographing at. But, in near hurricane-force winds by the end of the video, sometimes even this rule is broken to capture sharp images. 

Shainblum has several other tips he discusses during the video for maintaining sharpness. Some are additional camera settings or lens features, and other tips include techniques like focus stacking for front-to-back sharpness.

As a landscape photographer who sometimes gets frustrated photographing in the wind, this video helped show what is possible even in extremely windy situations. I also appreciated the additional tips in the video from Shainblum on how he approaches and works through a composition. 

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Jeffrey Tadlock is an Ohio-based landscape photographer with frequent travels regionally and within the US to explore various landscapes. Jeffrey enjoys the process and experience of capturing images as much as the final image itself.

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