Elia Locardi's New Eight-Part Long Exposure Tutorial Series Is Here

Today, Fstoppers has teamed up with NiSi filters to launch a brand new, free tutorial series with landscape photographer Elia Locardi. Not only are we releasing new video lessons every week, but we are also giving away over $600 worth of free gear with every video. Welcome to our long exposure adventure in Puerto Rico!

Hey, everyone! Elia Locardi here, and aside from the few times Patrick tricked me into doing some Critique The Community episodes, it's been a while since I've posted something new here on Fstoppers. That's why I'm excited to announce the first episode of an eight-part video tutorial series about long exposure photography and how to use different types of filters to create unique results. We will also be giving away awesome prizes with each video release, so read through the post to find out how to enter each contest.

A few weeks ago, NiSi was kind enough to send us a huge box of all their newest gear, including a collection of their best neutral density filters and the freshly redesigned V7 Filter Holder Kit that was just officially released today. They were like: "Hey! Can you guys teach everyone how to use this gear, like Photographing The World style?" Patrick and I said: "Hell yeah! We can do it right here in Puerto Rico." As usual, Lee was skeptical: "I don't know, guys. I mean, it's so hard to wake up before sunrise, and there are mosquitoes, and I'll miss my bath time, and good grief, what if I don't have time for breakfast?" Thankfully, it was two against one, and here we are.

Long exposure photography is an amazing art form by itself, but it can also be intimidating when you're first starting. There are many different types of filters to use. While it can be a bit overwhelming at first, NiSi sponsored this video series so we could show how it's actually quite simple to get amazing results, even with just a few select filters. This first video introduces what will be covered in the field as we release each episode of this series and all of the gear we'll use to get there.

Along with this episode, we're giving away a Nisi V7 Kit, a Bluetooth Wireless remote, and a free tutorial from the Photographing The World series. You can enter the contest here, and with each action you complete, you will gain an additional entry into the contest:

We'll be covering a lot of ground in this series, along with highlighting some high-quality gear to enhance long exposure photography. Head over to the Nisi Optics website if you're interested in any of the gear we feature. Also, make sure you subscribe to the Fstoppers Youtube Channel or at least follow the Elia Locardi / NiSi Long Exposure Playlist to follow along as each episode is released. Good luck to everyone who enters the contest, and I hope I'm able to give you some insight on how I like to use filters out on location in my own work!

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Elia Locardi is an internationally recognized professional travel photographer, Fujifilm Global Ambassador, writer, public speaker & educator who spends his life shooting some of the most beautiful locations in the world. Location independent since 2012—he and his wife live a 100% mobile lifestyle and have visited more than 50 countries since 2009.

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I am confused. Why do I need filters when I can use the software that Elia was pushing to replace the sky? Am I missing something?

Someone has a real hard on for Elia.

LOL! Felix has a point there. But you meant to say, “the software Elia helped develop to replace the sky.” Feel free to add the bit about it destroying everything good about landscape photography too. 😁

Looks good, but honestly, it is an advertisement, the first episode at least.

This first episode is just the overview on filters. The next ones are out on location

Yeah, we needed an overview of the filter kit and filters. It made the most sense to lead with it so the rest is all in-the-field without having to break the pacing.

That's ok, I look forward for the next episode. Thanks for replying.

Great Elia! I am still waiting for the results of the Fstoppers competition you've been judging with Patrick few weeks back (people in nature) . Still no results released..... 🤣

We did this video 3 weeks ago when Elia was in town. It’s on our other Live channel. Lee just got back to PR so we gotta do the next critique but Elia’s is done.

How about launching a Fisheye lens comp Patrick, for us few idiots who still use one lol.

“Other” live channel? I’ve also been waiting for that one, can you link it?

Just an fyi...the results (not the video) is still stuck in the Active Contests. Some folks like to see how the images ranked.

Yeah we did! Remember? I kept getting my hands cut off by the floating screen. 😂

I'd have a go at the competition but the Gleam system gives me the heebeejeebee. Check out the info-grab they demand:

"This application will be able to:

See Tweets from your timeline (including protected Tweets) as well as your Lists and collections.
See your Twitter profile information and account settings.
See accounts you follow, mute, and block."

Account settings. People I follow. People I mute and block. Lists. Collections.
Pretty much everything I do on Twitter is handed over to GLEAM.

Nope. Nope Nope.

I understand but at this point in my life, I’ve accepted that everyone from the government to Google already has and is potentially sharing this info anyways. Privacy is an illusion at this stage of humanity.

AWESOME!!! I love Elia's videos and I've had my NiSi square kit for 5+ years now, super jealous of the lining up dots (I usually just leave my CP in, but this would definitely help, it's a little tedious to get in without alignment help)

Do we get any BTS of Elia again?!