"Evil Eyes" Sunrise Captured During Solar Eclipse

"Evil Eyes" Sunrise Captured During Solar Eclipse

Historically speaking, solar eclipses have been surrounded by myths, legends, and superstitions. If you're one of those individuals who remains superstitious about sunrises and solar eclipses, then you should probably avoid looking at this image for too long. 

Personally, I think this is an incredible image and the explanation behind how this happened is even more interesting. If you go to the NASA website where this image was featured, a detailed explanation is given about how an inversion layer of the moon created this amazing sunrise. The photographer behind this image, Elias Chasiotis, describes it as the most stunning sunrise he had ever seen: "The sun was red like burning coal."

Admittedly, the image does look like a set of evil eyes staring down a passing ship. At first glance, I thought they were huge, bright, red sails in the distance with just the bottom of the boats disappearing over the horizon. Regardless of how you perceive this photograph, I'm sure you'll agree that it's a wonderful image of something quite rare and incredible. It's images like these that inspire me to travel and visit more locations around the world. 

Image used with permission of Elias Chasiotis.

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imagei _'s picture

To my eyes this looks more like bikini bra than a set of evil eyes ;-) Regardless, awesome natural phenomenon indeed.

Andrey Lutsenko's picture

I can see that lol

Tom Reichner's picture

Yes, I can see that readily. It certainly looks much more like a bikini top than evil eyes. I think that's because the way the sun appears to "expand" at the bottom where it meets the horizon - that is such a huge, obvious part of the visual, and it corresponds to the shape of a bilkini perfectly, but eyes would not have that big obvious extra shape protruding from the bottom of them.

David Pavlich's picture

A photographer's hope: Right place, right time, AND have your camera at the ready.

Tom Reichner's picture

I do think it is a spectacular image, and wish that I could have been there to see this and photograph it. To my tastes, it would be so much nicer if the ship was not there. Nature itself is so beautiful, and manmade objects just clutter up an otherwise beautiful scene. Just my opinion, of course. Other people may not be bothered by manmade things, or even like them.

An observation I have is that there is an unlikely swell just in front of the sun. I find this unusual, because the rest of the ocean surface is without swells. I can't help but to wonder if the photographer just did this in Photoshop, or if it was really there. I have just never seen a swell like that on the ocean, all by itself.

Also, looking at this image, I would never have thought about it looking like eyes. It just doesn't look like eyes to me. Sorry.

Andrey Lutsenko's picture

It's not a swell. That's where the actual horizon is. You can see it's a reflection.

Matthias Kirk's picture

Every flat earthers worst nightmare...

Brian Pernicone's picture

Reminds me of Carnage from Marvel.