How to Take Fantastic Landscape Photos Without Even Leaving Your Car

If you watch videos of professional landscape photographers in action, you will probably notice that they often have to hike miles through often unforgiving terrain to get the shot. However, for many of us, such hikes simply are not possible or desirable. If you are in that position, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will show you some of the shots you can get from your car along with some helpful tips on how to do so. 

Coming to you from Mike Smith, this awesome video tutorial will show you how to get great landscape photos from your car. One tip I found particularly helpful was switching to longer focal lengths. Because you do not have control over the position of the elements of the frame and a wide angle lens captures so much, you have to be able to position yourself quite specifically to create a compelling frame, and that can often demand quite a bit of movement. On the other hand, a longer focal length allows you to isolate individual interesting elements without needing to move as much, making it ideal for working from your car. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Smith. 

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Jerry Ennis's picture

Enjoyed Mike Smith's video. Always amazed at these very narrow roads and the absence of shoulders. What do you do if you meet another car (or even worse, a lorry)?