5 Important Tips to Instagram Growth and Some Dos and Don'ts

Instagram has been the go-to social media for many photographers for the past many years. It is getting old as a platform and has undergone many changes. I have used it daily for the past four and a half years and gone beyond 300,000 followers. Here, I share some tips on how I did it.

In this video, I share five tips I use on a daily basis and some dos and don’ts on how to behave. The first tip is whether the photo you are about to post will even help your growth. The point is that even a great photo that works fantastic as a huge print on your wall might work against your growth on Instagram. As much as I would love to brag about “only” photographing for the art itself, I am very much aware of what will work on Instagram and not, so I shoot for both and occasionally overlap. Most of my favorite photos from my portfolio does not work well for Instagram, and that is just how the human psychology of attention works.

I also share tips on what kind of photos work on Instagram, how to sharpen your photos, thoughts on aspect ratio, and what hashtags to use. However, the most important part is where I discuss and share my thoughts on behavior on Instagram, such as reaching out to people asking for shout-outs, follows, like-for-likes, and other kinds of “free” services.

Check out the video above and let me hear your thoughts on Instagram and maybe share some of your experiences of what seems to work for you in regard to growth.

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Mads Peter Iversen's picture

That is also something I think works :)

Iain Lea's picture

another reason I only ever post images with 1024 pixels on social media... with copyright text and the image is with stegno so it can be traced.

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Instagram? big profiles buy big amounts of likes... others get shadow banned. end of story. news at 11...