Improve your Landscape Photography with this Step-By-Step Seascape Guide

Following English landscape photographer Lee Acaster on his photographic journey is highly entertaining, but with Wex Photographic producing these quality videos, they're of an important educational value as well. Living on the Norfolk and Suffolk border, most of Acaster's images take their inspiration from the low lying beauty of the East Anglian landscape.

Like you would have come to expect from one of my articles, Lee Acaster too adds drama and his own interpretation to the images he shoots. Free of the restraint of a photographic recording, Acaster produces some of the most surreal fine-art landscape photography out there.

Shingle Street in England's Suffolk county is one of those locations where you could easily get lost in photographing minimal looking seascape images. But before you set up your tripod on the waterline, it's important to be up-to-date on the tide tables. It's rather easy to get carried away while you visualize the end result and start to minimize the composition by tweaking all the knobs and buttons on your gear. In this video, Acaster covers settings, equipment, techniques, locations and more. The series of which this video is part, provides all the inspiration and advice you'll need to take your landscape photography to the next level; including step-by-step guides to recreating some of Acaster's best-known images. Join award-winning landscape photographer Lee Acaster as he heads off to his favourite location to discuss how he captures iconic seascapes.

For more of Lee Acaster's work, visit his website.


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