Join This Collaborative Discord Community for Landscape Photographers

Join This Collaborative Discord Community for Landscape Photographers

Landscape Photographers Worldwide is a dedicated Discord channel for landscape photographers to come together and discuss the tools of the trade. Whether you are looking to discuss gear and locations, share your images, or receive direct feedback from your peers, this community delivers immense benefit for landscape photographers looking to connect and collaborate with like-minded creatives, and it is entirely free to join! 

Founded in February 2021 by Tristan Todd (a prominent landscape photographer based in Vancouver), this community provides a home for landscape photographers outside of social media, where interactions are often influenced by algorithms. It can be difficult for landscape photographers to get involved in the community and interact with more established or experienced photographers. The community moderators - and active community participants — include Geoff Giebelhaus, Benjamin MazeMorgan Tuohy, and Arpan Das. While other online forums and communities can tend to be overly restrictive, LPW's rules are simple: be civil, treat others the way you want to be treated, and no spam-posting. While the overall culture is quite relaxed, these rules are enforced strictly, and breaking them can result in a permanent ban. 

Landscape Photographers Worldwide features several channels for photographers to share information and resources, including gear, trip planning, post-processing, printing, and inspiration. There is a useful channel for sharing educational resources, as well as a service-index channel where community members can list their own professional services, such as post-processing lessons, portfolio critique, tutorial videos and workshops. In this way, LPW is a community that benefits professional photographers, veteran enthusiasts and beginner hobbyists equally. There truly is something for everyone! 

One of the most active channels is dedicated to image critique, where community members can post their images and receive in-depth constructive criticism from peers and more experienced professional photographers. This channel has been universally praised among the community, and personally, as a regular critique-seeker and provider, I can say that it has been immensely useful in my own development as an artist. The following is a quote from community member Caleb McKenney:

It’s been great to get to know other photographers. I felt alone in the photography journey, being in Nashville where most photographers are either portrait/wedding/event based or have little interest in becoming better.

So coming into this Discord, I was able to connect with other photographers, learn from them and chat with like-minded people. I feel as though I can grow my photography and have people who are willing to help.

If you are already a registered Discord user, use this invite link to join and explore what the community has to offer. If you aren't familiar with Discord, don't worry. It is free to join, free to use, and easy to learn. Just follow this link to register and get started. Once you have joined LPW, be sure to introduce yourself in the Welcome channel and don't hesitate to start posting in the other channels right away.

Please remember to be respectful of others and avoid spamming or overt self-promotion outside of the appropriate channels. LPW is a growing community of individuals looking to hone their craft and further their education in a safe, respectful environment, and we would like to keep it that way. Photography is a creative endeavor that is best experienced in a positive, uplifting environment among peers and mentors, and that is what you will find at Landscape Photographers Worldwide. 

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Ooooh nice! thanks for sharing!

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Hey Chris, hope to see you there!