Making the Most of Taking a Day to Shoot Landscape Photos

Light, like life, is fleeting. Whoa, that was unintentionally deep for a Tuesday afternoon. Nonetheless, this great video shows how the fickle mood of the weather means a landscape photographer has to be flexible both to work and be happy and why that makes the moments of success worth it.

Thomas Heaton's landscape videos are a great, very realistic look behind the scenes of the ups and down of landscape photography, where hours of preparation, hiking, and waiting can be for naught at the whim of the atmosphere. On the same token, though, for those that truly love the genre and its pursuit, finding those moments, no matter how fleeting, is worth the work that goes into it. I think Heaton makes a great point about luck favoring the prepared as well. As he mentions, he didn't even expect there to be a shot when he awoke before sunrise, but as he said: "Things change. It's always worth getting up." Sure enough, he was rewarded with a great image. I truly appreciate both his persistence and his positive attitude toward the ever-changing conditions, and I think it's a great reminder to take time to be less results-oriented sometimes and simply enjoy the process of what we do. 

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Carlton Canary's picture

What kind of shitty google translate did you use to come up with this title? "Making the Most of Taking a Day to Shoot Landscapes Photos"

Alex Cooke's picture

I changed the title and forgot to edit the plural form of the compound noun. Thanks for catching it! :)

Larry Chism's picture


I've been watching since Fall of 2016, he is positive force for landscape photography. And I like your reminders of what he is or has done. He and Ben Horne are guys to inspire.. in it to win it.


Alex Cooke's picture

Hey Larry! Ben Horne is another favorite of mine. I love their positive attitudes and vision too. Thanks so much for reading! :)