Mistakes You Are Making With Your Woodland Landscape Photography

One of the more difficult landscape scenes to photograph are woodland environments. Many landscape photographers find these locations challenging to photograph, myself included. This video has several tips on how to improve your woodland landscape photography.

In this video, we follow Nigel Danson as he composes several woodland images with commentary along the way on what worked well and what did not. From these scenes, he provides several tips on what to watch for while composing your photograph.

Woodlands are often very chaotic and messy, with trees, branches, rocks, and more all needing to be considered for your photo. Danson explains that the key to success in woodland photography is to simplify the scene and reduce the clutter in the scene. 

An important part of accomplishing this is to be purposeful with your compositions. Danson demonstrates taking complicated scenes, identifying the prominent objects in the scene, and then using your position and focal length to help simplify and arrange those elements in a deliberate manner.

As a landscape photographer who continues to practice my woodland photography, this video was very helpful. I am looking forward to my next outing to put Danson’s tips on simplifying and being deliberate with your woodland photography to use!

Jeffrey Tadlock's picture

Jeffrey Tadlock is an Ohio-based landscape photographer with frequent travels regionally and within the US to explore various landscapes. Jeffrey enjoys the process and experience of capturing images as much as the final image itself.

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